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Post by Eorl @ 10:32am 31/05/13 | 1 Comments
Guild Wars 2 may be seeing a Looking For Group tool in the near future, according to a recent Reddit user (thanks VG247) who discovered evidence of the system while digging through the game's .dat files.

While it hasn't been confirmed officially, the most recent Last Stand at Southsun update has added several interesting lines of code related to the LFG tool, including the ability to create groups for dungeons, personal stories, WvW, PvP matches, Fractals and the current Living Story. The lines of code also imply that users will be able to filter descriptions, advertise your group and join a group within the tool.

Currently players looking to join up with others inside the game have to utilise the global trade chat channels available within major cities, or use the quite tardy player search function. Hopefully we will hear more on this feature officially from AreaNet sooner rather than later.

While the discovery of the LFG tool is definitely big news, the .dat files have also uncovered several new in-game items, including back to school town clothes, a dragon mask, new swimwear and a new weapon called Skyhammer. Check out the Reddit post for the full rundown.

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Posted 11:10am 31/5/13
From Reddit article:

109636_0740 Each festive dragon coffer commonly contains candy, tonics, or fireworks. It may also rarely contain a Mini Holo Undead Dragon Knight, recipes, or a Dragon's Jade Weapon Skin Ticket.

Yay more RNG ANet, guess you'll never learn.
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