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Post by Dan @ 09:44am 31/05/13 | 12 Comments
Overkill and 505 Games have outlined an extensive list of incentives for prospective Payday 2 players to prematurely purchase their product on PC, with a limited Career Criminal Edition" offering up beta access for yourself and friend, a soundtrack, a digital game-guide and blueprint mission maps, and discounts in the in-game Crime.net feature.

Full details can be found over on the Steam store page, but stay right here and watch the new trailer below, which features in-engine footage, rounded off with some heisty gameplay action.

The Budget-priced Payday 2 is due for PC in August 2013.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:05am 31/5/13
Wanted this for a long time
Posted 10:49am 31/5/13
There's no micro-transactions. From the Steam store page:
The Crime.net Deal – Bain is a businessman and you’ve managed to get yourself a good deal. You receive in-game discounts on all purchases in PAYDAY 2’s Crime.net when the game is released. Please note: PAYDAY 2 has no micro-transactions. This is tied to the in-game store where you purchase items for in-game cash, like in any other classic RPG game.
Posted 10:58am 31/5/13
Cheers for the clarification Mantorok. Fixed.
Posted 12:55am 04/6/13
Is the original still going strong? I've never really gave it much attention until lately. Looking at grabbing it but if the online community isn't there then I'll hold up until this next one.
Posted 04:46pm 04/6/13
Nah, the original is pretty dead. If you'd picked it up in the sale last month you could've grabbed a four pack for $15 and had some fun with friends.
Posted 10:37am 05/6/13
this game looks good, but if it's budget priced, does that mean it's gonna be s***?
Posted 10:40am 05/6/13
Yeah, IMO this kind game needs friends not randoms online.

Im all for coop but it f*****g sucks when you dont have friends that can play @ the same time you game.
Posted 10:59pm 13/6/13
Here's an interesting video from E3:
Posted 04:37pm 14/6/13
are the cops AI??
Posted 05:21pm 14/6/13
Yeah, players only control the 4 criminals (just like in the first game).
Here's a slightly better quality video:

It's the same level, but if you watched the other video you'll notice the vault entrance and security cameras have changed positions.
They've also shown you'll be able to turn off the hit indicators and objective reminders: http://imgur.com/7dNyYBV
Posted 12:37pm 23/6/13
Team Evil are currently streaming Payday 2 http://www.twitch.tv/paydayteamevil/

Posted 12:59pm 23/6/13
Finally a game which nails outdoor lighting.
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