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Post by Dan @ 11:22am 28/05/13 | 7 Comments
Euclideon is back with a new video demonstration of their 'unlimited detail' technology with an SDK suite aimed at the geospatial industry for rendering maps of laser-scanned terrain.

A couple of years ago, Brisbane-based startup that attracted nearly $2Million in funding from the Australian Government, Euclideon caught the attention of the games industry in 2011 when they demonstrated a new technique for rendering three dimensional scenes using point cloud data, what they described as "making everything out of tiny little atoms" instead of the conventional polygons modelling most commonly used in modern videogame development.

It's been a while since we've heard anything from the company, but recent indications from our forums community that the firm had been working with local city councils with surveying data, appear to have matured with a pretty impressive new implementation of the tech, as seen in the video below.

Despite this departure from the games-centric demos shown previously, Euclideon maintains that they still have videogames very much in mind:
I'm afraid the video isn't very interesting from a gaming point of view and we are aware many have expected a game by now. This does not mean we have abandoned games. If you had the ability to laser scan in the real world and run it, would you abandon games?
Euclideon's initial reveal was met with scepticism from the game development community as the tech, mostly due to the questionable viability of being able to actually animating objects within its 3D space --a feature obviously not necessary for the geospatial crowd.

Even if it doesn't end up making it to games, the tech seems like it could make something like Google's Earth/Maps and Streetview functions pretty damn awesome for consumers if it can prove itself.

Those interested in the Geospatial applications can find more details on their official website.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:36pm 28/5/13
It's nice that their tech looks like it's finding it's audience.
Though hitting up their web site is cringeworthy... the blurb sends the trusty BS detector off the scale.
Posted 02:12pm 28/5/13
Posted 02:28pm 28/5/13
Great to see they have found an audience they want to focus on but cmon, get this into the community. It's programing like this that revolutionizes the world, i understand they want the $$$ but surely they would have enough prospective buyers to release it and keep updating it?
Posted 03:00pm 28/5/13
When we had it, the software was cool but had limited use. Great for visulazation and showing non-spatial people around spatial information... but tools, like measurement, were limited.

We haven't done anything further with it since I made that thread. Still, I think it's worth keeping an eye on as it has some great potential.

(p.s. I should totally get at least partial 'News Post' creadit for that thread!)
Posted 07:31pm 28/5/13
Tech looks really promising. They need to pony up some of that injected cash to hire a professional voiceover actor though and produce a proper advertising video. Cringeworthy.
Posted 07:46pm 28/5/13
Looks great, but I feal dead inside after listening to that guys voice.
Posted 08:12pm 28/5/13
Tech looks really promising. They need to pony up some of that injected cash to hire a professional voiceover actor though and produce a proper advertising video. Cringeworthy.

Seconded. The guy sounds like one of their Australian developers faking an English accent.

And then they go and say things like "this cycle has been one of the major achievements of mankind over the past decade" referring to scanning 3D data points and plotting them on a computer, while saying "Geospacial Industry" about 500 times.
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