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Post by Eorl @ 10:18am 28/05/13 | 9 Comments
After successfully climbing Mount Everest, DayZ creator Dean "Rocket" Hall has revealed to Gamasutra (thanks Polygon) in a recent interview that the standalone title currently under-development is operating in "closed alpha", with roughly 50-100 people hand-selected from various sources. Hall also revealed details on the new pricing model for the zombie survival title that once began as an ArmA 2 mod.
So what we're doing at the moment is, we gave free keys as a gift to the forum moderators, the Reddit moderators, people who helped out with DayZ development, and stuff like that. I guess there's about 30-100 people involved with that.

People pay X amount of dollars and they get early, cheap access to it, and then once it's beta, price goes up, maybe, say, $10, and once it goes retail, the price goes up $10.
Hall also confirmed that the game will not be released in alpha mode earlier than June, stating that "once we've finished our server/client architecture" the situation will be reviewed as to when alpha will become available in June.

The DayZ standalone was initially expected to launch at the end of 2012, however was pushed back due to further polishing and content addition. For more information on the process of DayZ including risks and challenges check out the full interview at Gamasutra.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:49am 28/5/13
As soon as this is on steam I will be getting it. Man I had some f*****g memorable and awesome times on DayZ mod. I cannot wait for this and love Rocket and his teams interaction with the community.
Posted 11:21am 28/5/13
I really like this PAYG. It might turn out you pay more at the end but you get to play it early. Much better than a kickstarter! I wish I had a gaming machine so I can get in on the fun. Damn it.
Posted 11:57am 28/5/13
Downside is now the game has taken too long and it will be a STEP BACKWARDS to play standalone for quite some time, until all the mods catch up.

I'm going to buy it, but I certainly won't be playing much of it until atleast Origins is ported over or something (hell, anything that isn't chernarus).
Posted 08:58am 29/5/13
So if you buy early it costs $10. Then each time they go to another bit of the game you have to pay more and more? Or you pay early and it costs $10 and that's it for life (like say Minecraft)?
Posted 09:27am 29/5/13
I am 99.99% sure that it is the same as the Minecraft model, which is the same as the Arma 3 pricing model.
Posted 09:37am 29/5/13
Twisted, it takes a similar path to Minecraft in that early bird buyers get the full game including Alpha for whatever lower price Rocket chooses.
Posted 05:46pm 29/5/13
This leaves the next question of when?
and lastly, will this be ported to ARMA 3 eventually?
Posted 02:20am 30/5/13
This leaves the next question of when?and lastly, will this be ported to ARMA 3 eventually?

DayZ mod has been already. As for the standalone I don't see that happening, they are branching out as needed, taking the best from Arma 2/3 and making new stuff where they have too.
Posted 05:48pm 04/6/13
it's sounding good so far, hope it's released soon (cant wait)
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