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Post by Dan @ 09:54am 28/05/13 | 11 Comments
The first gameplay footage (unless you count the brief glimpses in the announcement trailer) from Sony's Gran Turismo 6 has appeared online, courtesy of some screen-recorded camera footage from fan site (thanks VG247).

We're not sure on the legitimacy of the recording, so don't be too surprised if it gets taken down, but until then, watch a right-hand drive Nissan 370Z cruising around the Autumn Ring track for a couple of minutes, embedded below.

Gran Turismo 6 is coming to PlayStation 3 in the 2013 holiday season, and there has still been no mention of potential PlayStation 4 or Vita offerings.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:41am 28/5/13
well, that looked quite underwhelming :/
Posted 12:46pm 28/5/13
sure did maRtz.. :
Posted 01:01pm 28/5/13
So it's GT5.5 then?

(My problem isn't with Polyphony's visuals... I think all of the car models and tracks look amazing still, my problems is the 'beige' driving physics... here's hoping for an improvement to the drifting and rally modes... and improvement or omission of those modes anyway)
Posted 02:02pm 28/5/13
Honestly I'd prefer if they fixed the cars sounding like vacuum cleaners.
Posted 02:08pm 28/5/13
Looks like another boring car racing game.
Posted 04:53pm 28/5/13
yeah looks as arcade-like as gt5 - no doubt it'll still be fun (for a while) though
Posted 05:01pm 28/5/13
I wish it was more like grid, team sometimes talking into your ear, some warmups which mean something and still the gt way of going wherever you like, but with a different team for each event type..

GT is so boring..

Mentioning which Grid 2 is 10% off.
Posted 06:45pm 28/5/13
bring back tourist trophy...that was the best/realistic bike game i have played
Posted 07:29am 29/5/13
am i the only one looking forward to this game?
Posted 08:54am 29/5/13
Why would you play this s*** when there is Forza?
Posted 03:00pm 29/5/13
How is this any different to Forza 4? =\
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