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Post by Eorl @ 11:17am 24/05/13 | 4 Comments
Warner Bros. Entertainment and Dead Island developer Techland have today announced Dying Light, a new first-person action survival horror with a "portentous day-night cycle set in a vast open world."

During the day players will find themselves relatively safe from what Techland are calling "infected" (though zombies sound scarier), allowing for scavenging hunts and gathering supplies to help bolster your weapon arsenal. Come night though and the infected ramp up their aggression, making them more dangerous to the player. Techland has also revealed that certain infected will only appear after sundown, making hunting just that little bit harder.
"We are excited to partner with Techland on Dying Light, which is an original gaming experience for next-generation consoles," said Kevin Kebodeaux, Senior Vice President, Sales and Operations, Americas, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. "The partnership with Techland allows us to combine their successful development capabilities with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's one-of-a-kind publishing expertise to deliver on this title."
According to Pawe Marchewka, CEO of Techland, the "next-gen technology" has allowed for the development team to truly create a "dynamic open world that features a game-changing day-night cycle." Dying Light will also be utilising "inventive free running mechanics" to allow for unrestricted exploration and weapon-crafting, offering players to leap between buildings, grapple up walls and pounce on unsuspecting enemies.

Dying Light is expected to release in 2014 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Check out the screenshots below for a glimpse at the environment you'll be exploring as well as some beautiful infected faces.

techlanddying lightinfectedsurvival horror
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:33am 24/5/13
Sounds terrific :) I would always love the idea of having to build a fortress to protect yourself at night time :) Like (I Am Legend Movie). Its in my save last now :)
Posted 11:40am 24/5/13
Sounds like Dead Island 2.0
Posted 04:25pm 24/5/13
Will Smith will make an appearance.
Posted 04:32pm 24/5/13
<3 zombies
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