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Post by Eorl @ 01:19pm 23/05/13 | 9 Comments
Remedy's creative director Sam Lake has taken to video form to discuss concerns from fans that their next title in-development isn't an Alan Wake sequel, but instead an entirely new IP. While the news of the decision didn't mould well with Remedy fans, the direct approach does help somewhat.

Lake took to the video to outline that while the studio worked hard to create a sequel to the psychological action thriller, certain requirements didn't "fall in to place," outlining that the right partners and funding were needed to create an Alan Wake 2. With the tepid response that Alan Wake received on launch - now passing 3 million sales since that time - the decision was made to instead move onto a new IP, Lake stating that "the time wasn't right".
"When the game was released, that was not the case immediately," he said. "Even though we worked hard on it, the sequel was not happening. The time was not right for it. Sure we could have gone ahead and created something less ambitious, but we felt that would not have done justice to you guys, to us. We want to be really proud of everything we create. Certainly, it wouldn't have done justice to Alan Wake."
During yesterday's Xbox One reveal, Remedy took to the stage to introduce their newest IP, Quantum Break. While this means that a sequel to Alan Wake has been pushed to the back burner for now, Lake revealed that a new Humble Bundle is available to purchase that includes a Collertor's Edition of Alan Wake featuring various extras and the game's soundtrack. Additionally, sales are available on all Alan Wake titles and avatar items on Xbox Live.

Check out the announcement below for the full message on Remedy's plans for the future.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:39pm 23/5/13
IMO Alan Wake was one of the best stories in a game in a long time. I love the direction they chose. It had the feel of the shows I loved so much and was really easy to immerse myself in. I look forward to a sequel.
Posted 06:46pm 23/5/13
Been eyeing this for a while but steam sale price wasnt cheap enough IMO (yeah yeah im a tight ass).
Posted 07:06pm 23/5/13
gayeeee i been hanging for the sequel. the game is so addictive.
Posted 07:07pm 23/5/13
Alan Wake... another game I picked up in a Steam sale but I have hardly played. Guess I am just planning for if I ever become a paraplegic and can only stay home and play video games. Everything I have always wanted... except for the walking.
Posted 07:43pm 23/5/13
Lol fpot, same boat here. I have games from steam xmas sales 3 years ago i still havent played. Theres something about not being able to let a bargain pass you by with the intention to one day play it.

Still, much better IMO than the losers that fall for previews and prerelease bulls*** then get stuck with a s*** game after paying full price (or even a cd key price prior to release).
Posted 08:47pm 23/5/13
That motherf***** is Max Payne.
Posted 09:19am 24/5/13
This was an insta buy for me, I know how you guys feel about buying games and not playing them. I always say I don't have to buy any more games but then something like this comes out and it's hard to say no, especially when you can just pay 1$ for the full deal.
Posted 02:14pm 24/5/13
Seriously get this bundle. Both games are awesome, charities are involved and the developers obviously care about their community :D
Posted 02:32pm 24/5/13
Yeah fpot & dav0 I'm in the same boat as you guys.
I don't mind kicking in a couple of bucks to the humble bundle guys to show support for what they're doing & on the off chance that I'll play it in the future because Alan Wake is reportedly pretty good. By that time it'll probably be $2 in the bargain bin anyway lol.

I wonder if humble or steam do stats on purchases with no subsequent downloads.
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