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Post by Eorl @ 09:10am 21/05/13 | 11 Comments
Sony has revealed a new trailer teasing the first look at their next-gen console, the PlayStation 4. Officially announced at their New York PlayStation Meeting event earlier in the year, Sony chose to not reveal what the console looked like and is instead choosing to reveal the exact look at E3 2013.

The new teaser video offers 39 seconds of blurry angles and rapid shots of what is presumably the PlayStation 4's final look. One thing is for sure, it will probably be square and it will most likely feature the number four.

Check it out below.

e3 2013playstation 4sonyconsole look

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Posted 09:17am 21/5/13
I'm more interested to see what Microsoft is offering with the Next Xbox. The reveal starts at 3:00am tomorrow I believe, so by the time we wake up it should be splattered across the interwebs.
Posted 09:34am 21/5/13
I'm sure there more than enough smart/talented people out there who will be able to create a computer generate image of the console just by those little snippets.
Posted 09:45am 21/5/13
imgur gallery of still shots from trailer -

Source -

The only really noticeable feature is that there appears to be a camera built into it as seen in

Though really it could be something else, who f*****g knows, the trailer shows off nothing but a blur and is really just a poor attempt at hype.
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:04am 21/5/13
Wow! Looks damn awesome.
Posted 12:11pm 21/5/13
I think it's safe to say that I'll be covering that camera with something so all those perverts at sony can't see me fapping to sexy hispanic porn-star, Rebecca Linares.

Because I'm just too sexy, they couldn't help it.
Posted 12:29pm 21/5/13
The only really noticeable feature is that there appears to be a camera built into it as seen in

it's separate
Posted 12:44pm 21/5/13
Between cinavia. Sony f*****g up streaming wireless in the same update and their general 'we own your console not you' attitude I will not buy the ps4. I'm ready to throw the ps3 out the window sometimes. Got made useless in an update
Posted 12:54pm 21/5/13
The camera isn't built in, they've already shown images of the new design PlayStation Eye --released at the same time as the controller pics:

Posted 02:59pm 21/5/13
Yeah I'm looking forward to watch Microsoft has to offer. I gunna say it will come with some sort WIndows 8 RT which means alot of the apps from your phone and tablet will integrate to your xbox, therefore trying to gain more control over apple
Posted 05:33pm 21/5/13
Posted 06:22pm 21/5/13
Oh, a blurred,,looks great??
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