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Post by Eorl @ 01:35pm 17/05/13 | 15 Comments
In what appears to have been an accidental leak, popular digital distribution store Green Man Gaming has posted up details on the first expansion pack to hit Maxis' simulation title SimCity (via Joystiq).

Titled Amusement Park, the new expansion will offer mayors of SimCity the chance to lay down customisable parks which will include attractions and entrances. Those who do place down parks will also gain an increase in cash through shoppers, tourists and boosting the local commercial economy.

No price on the expansion was sadly revealed, however a smart YouTuber by the name of HypnotoadProductions was able to capture the page before it was taken down which you can check out below. Since accidentally going live, SimCity's official Facebook page has responded stating that "some of you may have seen thrilling new SimCity content that arrived too early at the gate. It’s coming May 28th. We think you’ll be amused."

simcityexpansiongreen man gamingleak
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:57pm 17/5/13
I like how their marketing team has decided that if they call it an "expansion" that they hope people won't notice it's actually just DLC and get even more annoyed.
Posted 03:00pm 17/5/13
This game is dead to me!
Posted 06:38pm 17/5/13
this should be free after the fail launch and the fact that it was hacked and played the way it should be with no bs small cities
Posted 08:48pm 17/5/13
Posted 08:58pm 17/5/13
Heh I would pay $50 for proper sized cities and offline play as an expansion
Posted 03:27am 18/5/13
The lack of offline really has turned people of this, me for one at least

Also the out and out lies about the reasons for online/small cities/functions be shut of at the start
Posted 08:29am 18/5/13
I wouldn't pay for bigger cities and offline play. They should have been available since the start as has been proven to be possible.
Posted 10:25am 18/5/13
People will still buy it. Everyone will complain it is s*****, but I still think you'll see heaps of people buying it.

Happens all the time, especially with EA games. People complain and say they'll never support EA again, then buy their next game.
Posted 03:34pm 18/5/13
hmm... this is still on my hard drive for some reason...

uninstalling now..

I loved EA's involvement with Brent Iverson's LHX Attack Chopper back in the DOS days, though they really haven't given me much reason to love their games lately.

LHX is still fun though :)

Posted 07:44pm 18/5/13
Commanche was the s*** for helicopter games.

Also every post, news article, mention about SimCity makes me cry over the $70 I spent on this piece of s***.
Posted 10:36pm 18/5/13
There is no way I am giving them another dollar.
Posted 11:23pm 18/5/13
We talking about oldskool flight sims?

You might want to turn your headphones down.
Posted 12:36am 19/5/13
f*****g EGA users spoiling everything for everyone again...

CGA is the shiz fpot... accept it.

it's never gonna get better than this. EGA cards will never be affordable.

the whole EGA thing is just a fad man
Posted 03:04pm 19/5/13
haha expansion a month after release. Glad i never wasted money on this game. I don't buy EA games at all anymore
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