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Post by Eorl @ 11:41am 17/05/13 | 15 Comments
AusGamers' own nuclear fallout expert, Jickles (well, not really), has been given the chance to revisit the ruskies in Moscow's subway system, bouncing between encampments and battling supernatural forces in the continuation of post-apocalyptic Russia, as realised by Russian novelist Dmitry Glukhovsky.

Metro: Last Light continues the adventures of Artyom in the post-apocalyptic Moscow, where you'll have to gather your wits once again and venture both underground and above in the collapsing world. While the sequel doesn't actually follow the original Metro 2034 book like Metro 2033 did for its one, it does offer up a unique plot that is sure to get your tastebuds wet.
But for many, Last Light’s changes will simply make the experience less intimidating and more enjoyable, and it’s hard to begrudge the game too hard when it’s still delivering such a fine experience.
Check out his full thoughts on the game over here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:21pm 17/5/13
Metro Defence Force, Activate!

Why the f*** are you reviewing this on PS3? Why does it say that you reviewed the 360 version? The PC version is far superior to the console equivalents, why not try and review the best one available?

I also disagree that the ingame ads are blatant, I didnt even notice them and its not like they're plastered everywhere like the horrible ads in Shaun White, or shoved in your face like the ipod in Metal Gear. How about that Nissan Leaf bulls*** in Simcity? Seriously, if you're going to call it the worst in the biz, you've got to take into account some of the egregious s***e from gaming past.

I'm currently playing through on Ranger Hardcore mode (the one without the hud) and its excellent. The scarcity of ammo means that every fight matters and the fact that they dont make all the enemies bullet sponges stops it from getting frustrating. I tried to play through Bioshock Infinite on its hardest difficulty, but it just wasnt fun pumping a million bullets into every enemy. Last Light on the other hand is an excellent example of how to do hard difficulties.

Seeing how far 4A Games have come warms the c***les of my heart. This game can hold its own against pretty much any other story based single player FPS on the market, it's dripping with atmosphere, looks gorgeous and has a relatively fresh storyline that's less about power fantasy and more about survival.
Posted 12:12pm 17/5/13
Just fixed that eski, cheers.

I'm playing through Metro 2033 at the moment just to freshen up on some details, but can anyone tell me whether saves are taken into account for Last Light? I've heard that they do but then I also heard that they don't and I'd be interested to know (Google has failed me so far).
Posted 12:15pm 17/5/13
You forced him to rewrite the review and give it a 10?



Just kidding <3 Jickle

edit - Not 100% on this, but I would say saves are not taken into account. I can only remember one point in 2033 where I got to choose a path, and it seems like the outcome of that event has been fixed in one direction for Last Light. You don't even really need to have played the first to play the second. The stories aren't heavily connected, and Last Light pretty much stands on its own.

2x edit - actually I forgot about all that morality stuff, but there's no obvious feature for porting saves to LL, so I doubt it.
Posted 12:27pm 17/5/13
Hey eski,

I played on a PS3 because my computer wasn't up for the task of the PC version. I know plenty of other people would be in that same boat, and I thought it was worth noting the issues I encountered because they seemed specific to the version I was playing. As I said in the review, this is clearly a game meant to be played on PC if you can!

The posters stand out in Metro because they really severely affect the tone and setting the game has established. Here's a photo I took from a later section: https://twitter.com/Jickle/status/334931595461005312

Shaun White wasn't a particularly serious game (I assume you're talking about the skateboarding one?), and Metal Gear has always been very offbeat. I found these posters extremely jarring. It's like if Kirk and Spock took a break during Into Darkness to watch a re-run of Next Generation!

I might give the game a full replay on Ranger mode (I was given a code by PR), although I thought using it on my first run and reviewing based on it would be a bit unfair because it's not actually a part of the game out of the box. I'm be interested to hear what other people think about this stance, actually, because this sort of thing is going to get more and more common I think...

And no, saves don't carry over, the plot is based on one assumed ending!
Posted 12:41pm 17/5/13
Also - potentially controversial statement I didn't want to include in the review - I'd say that I enjoyed this game more than Bioshock Infinite.

(Here's hoping for a GOTY edition with 'Better than Bioshock Infinite! - Ausgamers' on the cover now).
Posted 01:08pm 17/5/13
Cheers Jickle!

Hah, I can't believe I missed that massive poster. I get what you're saying in that it isn't necessarily the worst advertising in a game, but it's out of place in a game that is all about immersion. I've heard that the first book is included with one or other of the games, I might have a read later.

It's like if Kirk and Spock took a break during Into Darkness to watch a re-run of Next Generation!

I would watch that movie. Probably twice. Mostly because Next Gen is infinitely superior to the new movies, but that's a debate for another day.

I didn't realise that the Ranger mode was pre-order DLC, kinda sad to find out, as that's a pretty gross move. It's like they were looking for stuff to trim out for the online pass, but they f***ed up because it's definitely something that should be included with the base game.

potentially controversial statement I didn't want to include in the review - I'd say that I enjoyed this game more than Bioshock Infinite.

OMG me too, at least so far, it's definitely scratching that itch more than Booker and his hook-hands.
Posted 03:56pm 17/5/13
I agree with eski. Fantastic game. Should have been reviewed on PC, didn't really break immersion from the in game ads, but the ranger dlc should have been free. solid game.
Posted 02:27am 19/5/13
I am almost finished it on normal. It is a good solid singleplayer FPS. I cant help but think of how awesome it would be if it was a lot more open/sandbox.

I think I would enjoy a FPS/RPG spin-off a lot more. Being able to go to these other areas you see on the map/loading screen would be cool. Also exploring the surface and looking for stuff to survive.

Still a solid game and its enjoyable, after all, who the hell does not like post nuclear holocaust settings.
Posted 05:57am 19/5/13
Just finished it. Pretty much the best SP shooter since the original - 9.5/10. Guess Im the only one who likes linear stuff.
Posted 08:20am 19/5/13
IT can't be the best single player Shooter, that was Bioshock infinite's incredibly boring shooter play!
Posted 11:36am 19/5/13
atmosphere in this game is second to none, the lighting and details in every little bit of it are just awesome. I'm also playing it with Russian voice over and English subs, much better than listening to the s***** english voice acting.
I don't agree with a 7.5, but then I don't agree with a lot of your (AG as a whole) reviews anymore so meh.
Posted 05:45pm 19/5/13
7.5 seems low but is on the PS3 version...so it does not really count. I would give it 8-9. Great single player experience but could be less linear.

Here are some screenshots I have taken.
Posted 06:08pm 19/5/13
Post some pics of the stripper in the game.

A DVD worth checking out - chernobyl diaries. Its an average horror movie but after playing both metro 2033 and stalker the movie is kinda similar and i enjoyed it.
Posted 06:23pm 19/5/13
i don't read the AG reviews, they are very shallow. The forum user reviews are much better because the players bought the game with anticipation (and with their own money too so they are looking for value). A lot of the AG reviews sound like the reviewer were forced to play at gunpoint. I suggest if playing games is a chore then this is not a good career choice.
Posted 11:03pm 19/5/13
Well, its not Moscow just various buildings (or ruined versions of) from Moscow thrown around in a random manner.


The "Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya" (tall building on the left) is several KM's from the Bolshoi theatre (smaller building center of frame)

This wont bother 99% of the world but I'd rather it be more accurate, at least to some degree if they are going to call it Moscow.

Here is a shot of one of the wonders of Moscow. (Oh, and the Bolshoi theatre is in the background of the shot :p)

I was lucky enough to be there a couple of weeks ago.
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