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Post by Eorl @ 10:59am 17/05/13 | 7 Comments
Electronic Arts spokesman Jeff Brown has told Kotaku that the publishing giant "have no games in development for the Wii U currently," however hasn't ruled out chances of EA developing anytime in the future.

EA has previously published several games for the console since its launch, including FIFA 13, Madden NFL 13, Mass Effect 3: Special Edition and Need for Speed Most Wanted, but have made it clear that no current games are in-development.

The comment comes as part of a recent few rocky months between publisher and console maker, with EA announcing earlier this month that Madden NFL 25 would not be coming to the Wii U. That announcement was piggybacked on a comment made by EA DICE's technical director Johan Andersson who recently explained that the Frostbite engine, which powers titles like the Battlefield franchise, would not be coming to Wii U due to "not too promising results" when testing the Frostbite 2 engine.

While publishing giant EA may be out for now, Nintendo is hoping to gain new interest in the console with a Nintendo Direct later tonight which will be showcasing upcoming titles for the Wii U. The company is also preparing for a Wii U Software Showcase before E3 next month, which will supposedly reveal some of the more prominent first-party titles from Nintendo. New entries in the Mario Kart, Wii Party, Super Smash Bros. and 3D Mario series are expected to be revealed at E3.

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Posted 11:31am 17/5/13
This brings back the question - will this be Nintendo's last console! Or is this going to be a little like the DS/3DS and rise from the grave in the second year of it's life.

Honestly, I dont' care as long as Nintendo keeps making games for it, and people start making freakin' RPGs that properly use the controller!
Posted 11:45am 17/5/13
I just want a DnD game that utilises the GamePad so that you'll have a DM making the campaign and then four people exploring it. Could be an awesome game filled with a lot of unique playthroughs.

Right now, I'm enjoying my Wii U but there is definitely a lack of vision and preparation on Nintendo's part. While no one should have expected Wii levels sales, due to the casual market now moving over to tablets and smartphones, hopefully we'll see some first-party titles that really kick it into gear.
Posted 12:32pm 17/5/13
The main issue I have with Nintendo is while they try new stuff with their consoles, their games retain almost the exact same cookie cutter builds. Zelda's all feel the same, Mario's, etc. I just got bored of them to be honest.
Posted 12:57pm 17/5/13
released 1 year too soon imo
Posted 05:41pm 17/5/13
The frostbite comment sounds like BS as they have recently announced Frostbite working on tablets.
Posted 05:47pm 17/5/13
The frostbite comment sounds like BS as they have recently announced Frostbite working on tablets.

Yeh makes me wonder, did they even try?

I love my WiiU and look forward to all the awesome 1st and 2nd party titles that are coming, and maybe crazy indie s*** too!
Posted 11:46pm 17/5/13
It does put a bit of doubt, especially when the CryENGINE 3 can work on Wii U and apparently does it well with Shadow of the Eternals. Guess we shall have to wait.
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