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After recently signing off on a new multi-year licensing deal with Disney to develop and publish Star Wars-themed video games, Electronic Arts is investing in a new Los Angeles studio for its Stockholm-based DICE game developer with the goal of focusing on the Star Wars titles according to The Wall Street Journal.

Speaking with the publication, General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson revealed that the company is currently in the process of opening a Los Angeles office this month to help with recruiting talent, stating that "there is an extreme talent pool over there that we want a part of." Troedsson also noted that "it's no secret that our main competitor is there," referring to publisher Activision and their studios like Treyarch or Infinity Ward who work on the Call of Duty titles.

The new studio investment comes on the back of recent actions taken to slim down the wider EA operation, with 900 employees recently cut to achieve a 20% operating margin.

DICE are expecting to utilise the opportunity to work on the Star Wars franchise by tempting talent from rival firms. Troedsson revealed that the studio is hoping to either create an entirely new franchise in the cult hit or piggyback on a previous Star Wars game series.

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