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Post by Eorl @ 02:25pm 15/05/13 | 11 Comments
Metro: Last Light developer 4A Games has taken to their official Steam community page (via VG247) to outline that the lack of a FOV slider would actually be detrimental to the game, warning that "changing the FOV would break all the cut-scenes and animations."

In a lengthy note on the page, the 4A team revealed that the reason Metro: Last Light relies on a fixed field of view is due to "3D elements like the watch and weapon ammo that need to remain visible." According to the post if a FOV slider was introduced - which apparently they tried doing in development - you would be able to "see inside Artyom's arms, or they would appear to float in the air in front of you."

Due to the nature of how the game was developed, with the heavy reliance on the fixed FOV setting during first-person cut scenes and cinematics, 4A have not yet found a permanent solution for issue. The team has however admitted that due to the large community outcry for a FOV setting, the next update for the PC version will include the ability to directly change the FOV through the .cfg files.

The note does conclude that while this option may satisfy those in need of FOV changes, it "may well trigger a number of issues listed above - you have been warned!"

metro: last lightfield of viewpc
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Latest Comments
Posted 03:12pm 15/5/13
Posted 05:15pm 15/5/13
What a load of s***. As if most of the industry hasn't been switching FOV for effect during cutscenes or when sprinting etc etc etc for years now... just sounds like they prioritized over adding proper support during development? - and are now adding a shortcut method to lazily appease some users without actually fixing the problem. (ie. proper custom FOV support)
Posted 06:15pm 15/5/13
the 4A team revealed that the reason Metro: Last Light relies on a fixed field of view is due to "3D elements like the watch and weapon ammo that need to remain visible."

That's not a technically valid reason. That's textbook lazy console programming / modeling.
Posted 07:04pm 15/5/13
FOV really only gets hindered in FPS games that use FPS arms (no head or body). Were they to mount the camera on the eye-point of a 3rd person character model the player could change the FOV and also see their legs, etc. I think this is just laziness as well. Still, who needs to change the FOV anyway?
Posted 07:16pm 15/5/13
FOV really only gets hindered in FPS games that use FPS arms

Not really

I have to change it in pretty much every game I play to generally 80 or above...and so do a lot of people. For example I had to change it in skyrim to something that didn't make me spew and I played that in 3rd person

Console FOV in any game is f***ed when your <1m from your screen.
Posted 08:31pm 15/5/13
Yeah wrong Kaff. Far too many third person s***** console ports have the playable character take up a f*** load of screen space instead of allowing proper FOV. The latest red faction was the last example i played.

Remember back when i f***ed about with BF:BC2 setting to give me the extra edge i set it to super high FOV. Nobody could flank me then.

Also, just saw the good game review. 2 much unskippable story = lame.
Posted 09:27pm 15/5/13
uhh, as opposed to the first you so heartily recommend?
Posted 09:29pm 15/5/13
I said the first was a bargain @ $5 steam sale. I dont recall f***loads of unskippable story in it but maybe im wrong.
Posted 09:58pm 15/5/13
i heard they're charging money for an extra difficulty mode or something.
Posted 10:06pm 15/5/13
Yeah $5 for ranger mode when i last checked steam. Pretty s*** cause that came free with the original but maybe that was a prepurchase bonus. I grabbed my copy on sale though n ranger mode came for free.
Posted 11:18pm 15/5/13
Metro 2033 didn't have any preorder/Day One DLC nonsense. The game came fully complete whether you bought it before, during or after launch. I've heard the sequel is apparently good but I'm not gonna touch it due to this bulls***.
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