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Post by Eorl @ 09:20am 15/05/13 | 12 Comments
Trion Worlds has today announced that MMO Rift will be going free-to-play come June 12, after almost two years of being based on a subscription model which is quite a feat for today's MMO genre. The announcement comes directly from creative director Bill Fisher but Trion has also set up a portal for the free-to-play transition, detailing just what exactly players will gain from the new change.
Today I am here to announce another dramatic change to RIFT – a change brought on by player feedback from surveys, community postings, in-game reports, and passionately written emails over the last two years. Starting June 12, with the release of RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault, RIFT is opening its business model to include Free to Play. Subscriptions will continue as an option as well for players who want additional benefits.
While the MMO is transitioning to a free-to-play status it will still retain its subscribe option, offering more incentives to those taking up the monthly plan. Trion is also eager to point out that there will be no tricks or traps, ensuring that free-to-play means "players will have access to all game content – from dungeons and Warfronts to the latest raids – with no level restrictions."

For those eager to jump into the game you can check out the free-to-play rundown over here, or read over Fisher's Producer Letter for a larger insight into the decision.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:03am 15/5/13
Nice, finally I'll get to try out this game. On the site I read this "RIFT will not become "pay-to-win" with this change. The best items in the game will always have to be earned in Telara!" Hopefully that will remain so.
Posted 10:21am 15/5/13
Sweet! I enjoyed the game a ton, but burned out on MMO's in general.

I'll be able to get back into it on a "every now and then" basis and that makes me happy in my pants.

Chloromancer healing was just so goddamn fun, dealing DMG to heal made me smile every time :)
Posted 05:19pm 15/5/13
Stuff you Chloro's. Rogue tanking ftw. Remember being told I couldn't tank some instances. Hah! Shoed them!
Posted 08:34pm 15/5/13
A good game imo. I recently played ragnarok 2 at launch but Rift was a LOT LOT LOT better than it in beta than ragnarok was at launch.

Rift has a compelling call to level and participate. Ragnarok just felt like... wow was 10 years ago during the levelling stages with a few more quests.
Posted 08:41pm 15/5/13
Might give it another go at some point. Had a cleric tank way back.
Posted 09:20am 16/5/13
That was my other char, Trauma. A cleric AoE damage monster tank lol.

Could tank in a pinch, but could take 4 mobs at a time and almost 1 shot them while levelling, plus I could heal myself while doing dmg.

Was soooo overpowered lol.
Posted 08:37pm 17/5/13
Loved my Justicar, and had a necro and rogue.
Got the expansion, can't wait for f2p. Anyone got a guild going ?
Posted 08:45pm 17/5/13
I really liked Rift when I played it on launch. I wish I had the time to go back and give it a go now but Neverwinter consumes whatever free time I can muster up.
Posted 08:54pm 17/5/13
Yeh enjoyed rift a lot, someone make a guild when it goes FTP
Posted 02:34am 19/5/13
I also like RIFT, I have a 46....something....mage I think. I enjoyed it a lot more then other MMOS out there but I also burnt out on MMOS in general. I actually just re-installed GW2 but I played for 5min then remembered why I un-installed it the first time, I un-installed it again. waste of 12gb download.
Posted 08:40am 19/5/13
I'm keen on getting back into Rift so might make a QGL/AusGamers guild.
Posted 11:58am 19/5/13
Yeah ill join and play.

But don't hate on GW2, my condition necro pwns.


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