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Post by Eorl @ 02:14pm 14/05/13 | 1 Comments
Developer CCP Games has taken to their official blog to outline the new hacking element making its way to EVE Online in the game's upcoming expansion, Odyssey. The new mechanic will be making an effort to open up exploration in the hardcore space sim, ensuring that the world of EVE is "much more immersive and interactive."

The new mode has apparently taken inspiration from various roguelike tropes including procedurally generated levels, turn based combat and permadeath, giving them a "hacking twist."
The player begins by activating their Hacking or Archaeology module on the appropriate target and is then presented with the UI window for their module. The gameplay remains the same between both Hacking and Archaeology with the latter being appropriately themed as an older computer system both visually and aurally. The window shows the user the computer system mapped out as a network of interconnected nodes. One of the node's contents is already visible as this was the penetration point of the activated module. Users hack a system by exploring the nodes adjacent to the nodes that they have already explored. Their goal is to find the core or cores in the system and taking them over by destroying them. Once the core is destroyed the system has been hacked and the module forces the site to scatter its contents from the cargo hold into the vacuum of space. The hacker, his friends and anyone else around can then collect the scattered contents. We'll be releasing another devblog shortly that will go into details of how the contents of the site are distributed and how they are collected.
CCP also detailed what the future has in-store for hacking, including the push to have the new mechanic "expand the variety and complexity of things that you can hack in EVE to bring it out of its current niche and into the wider world." You can check out the full blog post over here for further information.

EVE Online: Odyssey will see a launch on June 4 and mark the 19th expansion space sim.

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Posted 10:22am 15/5/13
I recently started playing EVE again and i'm looking forward to some of these changes.

For a 10year old game it is even more accessible than it ever was with out lowering down the massive learning curve. It also looks fantastic.

If anyone is keen to give it try PM me and i'll send a 21 day trial code, if you sub I get a plex and i'll happily provide you with 250mil isk after it sells.

I'll also provide some hand holding and point you in the direction of a corp that will suit the kind of play style you prefer.
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