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Post by Eorl @ 05:41pm 11/05/13 | 8 Comments
GamesIndustry are reporting that transmedia project Defiance has been renewed for a second season, with SyFy ordering 13 more episodes for the TV show tie-in. Production on the new episodes will begin on August in Toronto according to the report, with the finished series to air in 2014.
Syfy today announced that it has ordered 13 new episodes of the show, with production launching in Toronto in August, and the finished episodes set to air in 2014. While Trion's MMO and the TV show take place in the same universe and cooperate to tell the franchise's stories, the success of one does not necessarily guarantee the continuation of the other; the two efforts were designed to be severable if one succeeded and the other didn't.
Alongside the TV show renewal, Trion's MMO counterpart has also revealed plans for five DLC releases with the first titled Enter the Castithan. Executive producer Nathan Richardsson went into detail on the official website, revealing that each of the planned DLC's will be comprised of a free update for all, a paid update for those who purchase the DLC and a store update which will bring several new items to the in-game shop.
We do our DLCs a bit differently with Defiance. Every time we do a DLC, of which we have 5 planned within the next year, we have a free component, a paid component and a store update. The free part is for everyone. We want people to be playing with their friends; we don’t like to isolate players.
That doesn’t mean there won’t be exclusive content in the DLCs, quite the contrary. The difference is that you can usually bring your friends with you. The catch is that they can’t directly benefit from all of it, like DLC specific loot or gain abilities.
Those currently playing the MMO will also be happy to know that another major update will be making its way to the TV tie-in, addin in "further bug fixes, improvements, as well as new TV Tie-ins – one of which will utilize a new open world game mode called Sieges." Check out the official blog post for further information on what is coming up including a look at the free, paid and store content in Enter the Castithan.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:08pm 11/5/13
Is the show any good? Its been going for a while now, but I haven't seen much buzz about it
Posted 06:25pm 11/5/13
The show isn't too bad. It's not "Holy f*** you must watch this!" awesome but it's pretty good.
Posted 06:47pm 11/5/13
Posted 07:02pm 11/5/13
watched 2 episodes, it didn't really hook me.
Posted 07:03pm 11/5/13
dont like how this show and revolution are pushing underlying feminist agendas. the strong independent women with their castrated male sidekicks against the dopey non thinking evil men.

they both have pretty s*** central characters and plots which would be a lot better if the men got involved in the script writing, like they did with the walking dead season 3+. remember how bad and days of our lives-ish walking dead season 1 was... blerg
Posted 08:06am 12/5/13
The show is pretty good, the game is okish, i played the game over a week and ran out of stuff to do, i got my monies worth and i'll load it up every time they have cross over content and play it, but once you have finished all the missions really the only thing left to do is grind away on random events that occur (which there are only 4 or 5 different types of).

At the end of the day f*** all sci-fi is on tv, this show has a large enough budget and interesting enough concept to at least investigate, it's also pulling a first with its game tv show cross over content. I'm not saying either have no flaws, but they both have potential to be a great source of entertainment.
Posted 01:51pm 12/5/13
yeah i'm enjoying the show, have 0 interest in playing the game.
Posted 03:40pm 12/5/13
Dont play the game, the TV show isn't bad it's watchable I am surprised it's been renewed for a 2nd season so must be ticking the correct boxes.
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