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Post by Eorl @ 05:14pm 11/05/13 | 15 Comments
EA and Maxis have unveiled a new trailer showing off what to expect from their latest expansion for the Sims 3 franchise, titled Dragon Valley. Introducing a new dragon-themed map, the expansion is also offering the chance for your Sims to own a pet dragon who might accidentally set their house on fire.
The Sims 3 Dragon Valley pack will be available through the Sims 3 store later this year, and will feature new Sims, locations and exclusive clothing and objects, including a "beloved baby dragon" and more.
For those needing a bit more of a spice in their life, check out the trailer below to get a glimpse at what the Dragon Valley expansion has on offer for your Sims life.

Dragon Valley will be available on May 30 for The Sims 3.

the sims 3maxisexpansion
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:20pm 11/5/13
<- fireproof homestead.

I once tried to burn down the house of an enemy in the sims 3, seems it's either not possible or just that the neighbours all reacted quickly to put out the fires. The entire place was on fire but nothing more. :( I wanted total destruction. booooo

Wow, that video was rather underwhelming.
Posted 05:30pm 11/5/13
the missus will be ecstatic.
Posted 06:47pm 11/5/13
"the missus will be ecstatic."

This ^
Nerf Lord
Posted 06:57pm 11/5/13
What is with girls and baby dragon games? I know a one of those too. Was there some girls only tv show as kids that trained this into them?
Posted 07:21pm 11/5/13
nerf: instinct? BABY dragon, keyword baby. Maybe they just want to raise a family.
Posted 08:36pm 11/5/13
Looks like a cash'n'grab on Game of Thrones with that picture..
Posted 03:41pm 12/5/13
Looks like a cash'n'grab on Game of Thrones with that picture.

Posted 04:18pm 12/5/13
because no show in the history of television, no story ever told on the internet, has ever contained dragons before game of thrones came along?
Nerf Lord
Posted 04:22pm 12/5/13
I think the blonde girl with the red baby dragon was more so the thing, which I thought too... Though that scene wasn't anywhere in the video I don't think, and afaik youtube only lets you choose from a random set of thumbnails, so I have nfi how companies always end up with those shots.
Posted 05:33pm 12/5/13
strategically placed single frames, or maybe partners get to choose the thumbnail from a set of images or something.
Nerf Lord
Posted 06:44pm 12/5/13
Yeah, it's a mystery which will probably never be answered, but those seem the best two guesses.
Nerf Lord
Posted 08:36pm 12/5/13
Fascinmating. This thread is now successfully derailed, but for the most important of inquiries.
Posted 11:26pm 12/5/13
Yeah, of course youtube lets you choose the still (thumbnail) for your vid.
Nerf Lord
Posted 08:28pm 31/5/13
See, even before this kickstarter video started I was able to safely wager that it would be a rare female developer.

Girls and dragon breeding, somebody needs to do a study and figure out how this happened. If it were anything else like the pokemons, it wouldn't be gender tilted in that direction...
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