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Post by Eorl @ 02:37pm 10/05/13 | 5 Comments
Riot Games has unveiled their latest champion to grace the rosters of free-to-play MOBA title League of Legends, Aatrox, the Darkin Blade. Sporting quite a large blade, Aatrox will be the newest addition to the top lane, offering a basic attack dependent melee champion who excels as a duelist and team fighter.
Aatrox is a legendary warrior, one of only five that remain of an ancient race known as the Darkin. He wields his massive blade with grace and poise, slicing through legions in a style that is hypnotic to behold. With each foe felled, Aatrox's seemingly living blade drinks in their blood, empowering him and fueling his brutal, elegant campaign of slaughter.
For those looking to play this dark demon-like champion, you'll find his abilities offering a unique playstyle. First up is the passive ability, Blood Well which "stores a portion of his abilities' health cost" and allows Aatrox to draw on the Blood Well when depleted of all his health allowing him to essentially be resurrected on the battlefield.

Dark Flight (Q) will allow you to rise into the air and slam your target's location, dealing damage both to those in the impact zone and also those nearby. Blood Thirst (W) will heal Aatrox on every third attack, while activating Blood Thirst toggles Blood Price which will instead deal bonus damage on every third attack. The catch? You'll lose health based on the bonus damage dealt so be weary.

Blades of Torment (E) will offer a line attack that damages and slows enemies caught in the path, with Aatrox also being refunded a part of the health cost if Blades of Torment hits an enemy. Those looking to do some massive damage will find the Massacre (R) ultimate to your tastes, which will instantly damage enemies in an area around you, also gaining bonus attack speed and range for the duration.

For the full run down of Aatrox, the Darkin Blade check out the official reveal page including a sizable chunk of character backstory for your reading pleasure.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:09pm 10/5/13
I don't think League is going to have anything on Dota2 once it's out for the masses. Dota 2 already has more polish, more unique heroes and so much more depth.
Posted 04:26pm 10/5/13
I don't think League is going to have anything on Dota2 once it's out for the masses.

lol there is enough free key around that pretty much everyone should have a copy
Posted 02:09am 13/5/13
I tired Dota2 after playing LoL for quite a while and I really don't like it. Can't seem to put my finger on what but in comparison overall I really find Dota2 to be quite bad. Each to their own I guess.
Posted 12:30pm 18/5/13
Dota2 has the same heroes as before, so not sure it counts as unique, though they do have less heroes that can do the same abilities. Lol repeats some of the skills between heroes much more but they seem to release some more unique heroes also.

Also Dota2 limits who can carry, and the item builds are often very samey it seems. Lol can have casters carry more and gives them some later game scale with the addition of AP items.

The styles of play are more different than you think due to many minor changes, and they both are pretty good for what they are.

Kinda curious if the superhero moba that's coming out will be able to do anything to keep people's attention.
Posted 12:35pm 18/5/13
Kinda curious if the superhero moba that's coming out will be able to do anything to keep people's attention.
I've played it and I wonder that too. Gameplay-wise at core it is very similar to Dota; its main hook is just the DC characters & universe. I love DC comics but from a gameplay point of view it didn't seem like it would have enough to pull me away from Dota; maybe there are enough really hardcore DC fans to get some traction though.
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