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Post by Eorl @ 02:25pm 08/05/13 | 17 Comments
For those eagerly awaiting the commencement of the third annual Dota 2 International Championships, Valve has revealed a supplement to the tournament in the way of the Interactive Compendium. Available for $10, the compendium will deliver various news on the tournament but also allow you to play games with other fans for fun and bragging rights.

The Interactive Compendium is also offering those who purchase the virtual book "special virtual item drops throughout the tournament," but also allowing you to vote on tournament-related community polls, such as the selection of which player should receive awards based on their play in the tournament. Valve has also revealed that for every purchase of an Interactive Compendium, 25% of the price will go directly into the prize pool which is currently at a base of $1.6 million.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:05pm 08/5/13
pretty awesome, I'm really getting into Dota now. So if anyone is keen on some games i play most night around 8:30 if ya keen add me on steam _TiT_
Posted 06:15pm 08/5/13
I got my compendium. Can't wait for TI3. Loving this game more and more!
Posted 07:03pm 08/5/13
I took the massive step and deleted this from my HDD. ~900 hours and a few short of 500 wins but need to spend more time doing productive s*** and less time gaming.

Also got my first communication ban which was strange cause i only ever chat via text and the worse i say is calling somebody bad or noob if i feel it is deserved - i dont go down the rage path or abuse hurling.
Posted 08:37pm 08/5/13
calling somebody bad or noob if i feel it is deserved - i dont go down the rage path or abuse hurling.
Pretty sure that calling someone 'noob' is abuse, even if overly sensitive babies should get LPQ'd because they are never going to be able to handle the game if they can't take that. A huge part of dota is self confidence in the face of any form of intimidation, including trash talk.

It sucks that I can no longer get the satisfaction of dumpstering trash talkers because they are all muted now.
Posted 08:47pm 08/5/13
Oh i understand that calling somebody a noob can be considered abuse but when a 5v5 game becomes 4v5 cause u have somebody who cant play their hero and doesnt get the right items, and you're stuck in the game for 30+mins getting pwned it f*****g sucks. Remember ages ago playing dota 1 i didnt call miss (neither did my lane mate) and a team mate gave away first blood and f*****g raged @ us. Hurled abuse and i said 'sorry i didnt know'. Never made that mistake again. What was funny is that in college we played f*** tonnes of dota but i dont recall ever calling miss which was strange given how important it is. I wish i had an explanation from valve so i knew exactly what i even did wrong cause i dont remember the game or the abuse but assume it was some f*****g cry baby noob.

I never knew why so many players recently didnt type in game. No calling miss. No talking about items. When i got muted i then realised that they must have also been muted. Learnt quick that playing while muted f*****g sucks but at least i could call miss via hotkeys for the scrollwheel. I played a few games with a mate who would tell my team i was muted so at least they knew.
Posted 09:39pm 08/5/13
the mute system is the dumbest thing ever in a game where fairly complex communication is so crucial, it punishes the team as much as the muted rager.

as for calling missing, I always do it (especially when you can assign a hotkey to call missing for the lane you are in automagically) but honestly, everyone in the game should always be keeping tabs on every lane and not need missing calls but s*** happens... there are WAY worse bad practices perpetuated in the game so letting people be lazy about map awareness isnt that big a deal.

supports that don't understand how to lane (no stacking before pulling in safe lane/no blocking the pull camp in suicide, no deny and harass all day so you can last hit unmolested) is way worse than someone not calling missing. i've pretty much given up trying to play carry because of how bad supports are in normal and high brackets.

enough whining, time for axe:

Posted 09:49pm 08/5/13
Yeah hotkey for miss is awesome. I remember watching some vid where the dude said to check the map after each last hit. I try to but find it difficult when concentrating really hard early game when racing to boots or HP ring or whatever crucial first item. Supports that auto attack or try to take farm though, goddam. Or when the f***wits dont use arcane boots or the urn of shadows to help their team.

Surprising boots on axe, i thought the tranquil boots was the only way. And its your vid, nice, although u gotta admit the clinckz is noob for running such a predictable route although props to you for getting it right.
Posted 11:26pm 08/5/13
with work and life getting more hectic the best thing about dota2 is just buying a ticket (or 2..3..4) and enjoying the game/commentary. There are always games around the aus prime time or if you miss the games in the early hours the replays are just as good and it comes with the commentary.

Starcraft 2 can learn a lot from what valve is doing with dota 2, but i suspect blizzard is either dumb or have their hands tied behind their backs.
Posted 11:39pm 08/5/13
when the comp on?
Posted 01:36am 09/5/13
the tournament proper doesn't start for a while (2 months +) but the western qualifiers begin next week.
Posted 07:38am 09/5/13
as for calling missing, I always do it (especially when you can assign a hotkey to call missing for the lane you are in automagically) but honestly, everyone in the game should always be keeping tabs on every lane and not need missing calls but s*** happens... there are WAY worse bad practices perpetuated in the game so letting people be lazy about map awareness isnt that big a deal.

It's hard to keep tabs on every lane all the time. Sometimes s*** is going down in your lane so a miss call is important. Sometimes you get tunnel vision and don't realise someone is missing.

One thing I've learned is that the player pool in the ANZ region isn't as big as the US so there is a higher variance of skill within games. So you gotta expect people who don't know all the ins and outs in a game. I always try to be helpful and give advice to players who ward incorrectly or whatever. I have noticed on the whole that Aus/NZ players are way more chilled out about stuff than Americans.

The communication bans are so strange. Especially given this is a game that's relies on communication so heavily. I guess it's to try and deter people from being d****? I dunno.
Posted 10:24am 09/5/13

ukrainian passion rofl
Posted 11:40am 09/5/13
dendi is a pretty intense dude

Posted 03:15pm 09/5/13
I do have question with Dota how does the chest work, I have received a few chests so ive looked on the store and there like 5 different types of keys you can buy which key should i buy?

BTW i have 13 keys to give away as well
Posted 03:36pm 09/5/13
Find out which chests you want to open and buy the corresponding key. Mousing over the chest will tell you what it contains and you'll only get ONE of the listed items. So if you're banking on getting a certain item you might be in for a bit of a money sink. If you're out of chests they usually sell them for 1-2 steam cents per chest. I know friends who have spent >300 opening random chests. But they keep telling me the stuff they've won (rare couriers etc) actually puts them ahead...if they were to sell it back to the market, which they haven't.. lol

They've slowly gone away from the unique keys for certain boxes to just needing a general key.

There is a MASSIVE e-economy in the dota 2 scene (check out /r/dota2trade) where the currency is mainly in Keys.

It was stupid of valve to do the unique keys for certain seasonal chests but maybe that was calculated.
Posted 08:25am 20/5/13
didnt want to start a new thread - i've got 28 dota 2 keys to get rid of. PM me for one.

edit: :) i wrote keys meaning dota 2 invites! my bad, using old lingo.
Posted 08:59am 20/5/13
DOTA 2 is just doing everything right. I guess they have the advantage of not really having to worry much about the heroes or gameplay as it's just mirroring DOTA...but the systems they've built around the game are fantastic.

+ Watch any game being played
+ Watch tournaments live with several streams of commentary
+ Download and watch replays of tournaments / games including highlights only
+ A separate game client for those who don't have the game (although everyone should)
+ It's free, with a non-s*** way of generating income and changing game balance
+ Ability to reconnect to a game in progress

They're just doing everything right as far as I'm concerned. If you look at what Blizzard is offering with SC2, or Riot with LoL they're just not even close.
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