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Post by Eorl @ 01:42pm 08/05/13 | 10 Comments
The in-game economy of Diablo 3 has been destabilised by a recent glitch that reportedly made its way into the most recent patch, allowing players to duplicate their gold income via an Auction House exploit. The discovery was made by various members on the Diablo 3 forums after patch 1.08 went live earlier today, which appears to have allowed users to generate in-game currency with a simple procedure.

Blizzard has said little on the matter officially, however players are reporting several bans being dealt to those abusing the exploit, including a notable Twitch video-streaming player by the name of Inigo. Those who have purchased items on the Real Money Auction House are also starting to receive refunds, with the entire Auction House system seemingly having been taken down in response to the glitch.

It is unclear whether a rollback of the servers will be implemented to fix the issue, which might be necessary if the game's economy has become too destabilised by the unexpected activity.

Update: Blizzard has now issued a formal Q&A response to the matter. Here are the particulars in regard to a potential rollback and account bans:
Q. Will there be a rollback?
Our priority is to fix any issues with the game client first—that's what we're working on right now. After we've addressed the situation, we'll need to determine whether or not a rollback is appropriate. We know this is an important issue for all of our players, so we’ll be sure keep you informed of what's happening and will provide any updates in this thread, as well.

Q. Will players be banned for using this dupe?
We're currently in the process of reviewing the accounts involved and taking appropriate actions, including temporary locks, suspensions, and/or bans. Our exploitation policy for Diablo III can be found here, which should give you an overview of the kinds of activities that are and aren’t cool within the game.
More details over on

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:34pm 08/5/13
I sold some gems today and made 700m profit because of this :)
Posted 03:11pm 08/5/13
thank god it's always online!
Posted 03:30pm 08/5/13
haha, people claiming it is the death of the game must be so heavily invested in the AH that if it's f***ed there's no point playing at all.
I've been playing self found and loving it. f*** the AH
Posted 05:30pm 08/5/13
700m would go a long way to some new gear
Posted 06:02pm 08/5/13
I used to think so too until I figured out some decent ways of flipping. Have turned 37m into about 6b over 8 weeks or so
Posted 06:16pm 08/5/13
6 billion you say?


Posted 06:30pm 08/5/13
that pic's been proven fake :P
Posted 07:14pm 08/5/13
O, well don't I look quite the fool.
Posted 10:43pm 08/5/13
Lol nah it's not that far from the truth though. There was people who got into the trillions
Posted 11:38am 09/5/13
Heh, simple mistake, very bad consequences: Gamasutra's explanation
If I had a dollar for every time arithmetic overflow caused a problem I'd have -32768 dollars.
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