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Post by Eorl @ 01:38pm 07/05/13 | 7 Comments
Developer Maxis will be launching update 3.0 for their building simulation title SimCity this week according to a new post on the game's official forums. The patch notes include a long list of fixes, varying from pollution changes through to trading fixes that make "gifting more reliable."

Among the changes included in the 3.0 update is a large list of traffic fixes, hopefully to fix the not-so-smart AI. The routing system has been tweaked to offer more information to vehicles through "u-turns, required vehicle stops, and vehicle behavior on certain road types", hoping to make traffic "smarter" in the process. Vehicles will also be able to perform right-hand turns at red lights, improving "some cases of traffic." Fixes to school buses will also be fixed, hopefully eliminating congestion in neighbouring cities.

Trees have also been given an internal boost, now lasting longer but not eliminating as much ground pollution. Continue the pollution changes cities will also be a tad cleaner with sewerage taking "a more direct route to regional sewage plant instead of throughout the city."

Update 3.0 will mark the second major update since the game launched to a rocky start back in early March. For the full patch notes you can check out the forum post over here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:59pm 07/5/13
as with diablo 3, I think incrementally making the game how it should have been on release is far too little and far too late for most people.

something that seemed so fun and awesome for a a few hours before slowly revealing how flawed and shallow it truly is leaves a pretty bad after taste.

Posted 01:59pm 07/5/13
Might fire it up again and see how it goes
Posted 03:00pm 07/5/13
Massive case of too little too late.

There is still the issue of complete lack of challenge, I have seen nothing to say they are going to change this.

The other elephant in the room is DLC, we all know they are going to start throwing out buildings in DLC, some of which probably should have been in the launch. At least they have enough decency to hold off until they 'fix' the game.

Also, you can almost feel reddit and other community sights ready to explode at the mention of DLC for expanding city size. We all know it is possible, and the revealed developer mode strongly hinted at what seems fairly trivial changes required for larger cities. I really hope they add expanded city sizes for free...
Posted 05:54pm 07/5/13
wishing they would fix the damn "processing" of cities already. I have been looking at the patch notes whenever they patch the game but to date they have only fixed some of the issues which were causing this! I hate it how every time i get a big city going it comes up with the error and rolls back, killed the game for me.
Posted 06:25pm 07/5/13
Massive case of too little too late.

wishing they would fix the damn "processing" of cities already.
Posted 07:11pm 07/5/13
So glad I didn't end up paying to beta test another EA title :|
Posted 09:00pm 07/5/13
I've been fighting with myself to get this or not... but the more I read up the more I'm leaning to not. I think the biggest thing that irks me is not so much the fact it's getting DLC heavy, moreso because of the DLC content. Buildings advertising real companies? It's a giant slap in the face for anyone who buys the DLC, considering EA are more then likely getting sponsership through this paid DLC.

The whole game reaks of cash grab, it's a damn shame cause I was pretty hype for a new Sim City :(
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