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Post by Eorl @ 10:45am 07/05/13 | 9 Comments
Gearbox Software has announced that Krieg the Psycho, the sixth playable character for their loot-dropping FPS Borderlands 2, will be making his debut on May 14 as part of the Psycho Pack downloadable content.
Krieg is an apparently reformed version of the Psycho enemy from the series who wields an axe and explosives to dispatch foes. Like the game's other archetypes, he has three skill trees: Bloodlust allows you to enhance your survivability by killing damage with your Buzz Axe (which can be used for melee or thrown), the Mania tree increases your damage as you take damage, and the Hellborn tree increases your fire damage, and also makes you a lethal warrior while you're on fire. With those last two trees, friendly fire is actually very beneficial for Krieg.

Krieg's actions come at high risk and offer high rewards, with his main action tasking him with rushing foes to kill enemies, which heals him — a necessary task, since, unlike Borderlands' melee character Brick, his health does not regenerate on its own.
Krieg was officially unveiled during PAX East alongside an announcement trailer showcasing his daring escape from testing facilities. YOu can check that out below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:46am 07/5/13
Gearbox are certainly milking this game for all its worth.

Good for them I guess. Moves like this will win big cred with publishers, but they risk pissing off their customers in the process.
Posted 04:13pm 07/5/13
how r they pissing off customers, im happy as with the dlc's. sure its s*** having to pay an extra 30$ or whatever it was for all the dlc's... but f*** ive had atleast that much worth of fun with them.
Posted 04:46pm 07/5/13
how r they pissing off customers, im happy as with the dlc's. sure its s*** having to pay an extra 30$ or whatever it was for all the dlc's... but f*** ive had atleast that much worth of fun with them.

Also, the fact that I play with others and have multiple characters runs at different points makes it interesting still. I enjoy the extra (albiet short) stories provided by DLC.
What ever the pack was called with all 4 DLC (season pass?) was pretty decently priced seeing as though I waited a couple of months and saved the same amount on the original game.
Posted 04:49pm 07/5/13
I didnt say they WERE pissing off their customers, I just said that its a risk. If they saturate the market and people get bored with the DLC, they might be less likely to buy the next game or season pass.
Posted 08:03pm 07/5/13
Ive never played the borderlands DLC but thought they were a good idea. Similar to fallout's DLC. If you like the game enough, then you will pay for the DLC cause it adds some new stuff. If you arent convinced on the DLC you can always grab later in a pack when on sale. And if you didnt like the game, then you dont care about the DLC.
Posted 08:20pm 07/5/13
How do people "do" this DLC thing?

Basically this is my game lifecycle:

1. Hear about game before release (optional)
2. Buy game online
3. Play game over a period of a couple / few weeks. No rush, as I like to do all the missions and prefer stealth / difficult approaches over "guns blazing - game over in 6 hours", etc.
4. Finish game, think "hey that was pretty cool"
5. Let game sit on my HDD in case it has replayability appeal.
6. In 95% of cases, it doesn't, and I uninstall the game after a week or two.
7. DLC comes out ... I don't even consider it one bit ...

(Though the exception to the rule was CS with the new maps ... but I don't play that anymore...)
Posted 10:37pm 07/5/13
Depends on the game IMO.

I normally buy games months after release when they are on sale so i grab DLC then and play all at once. Say Orcs must die 1+2. Then there is defence grid that i grabbed on sale, played, loved, finished and months later they released more maps and DLC. Got the DLC but havent reinstalled the game to play.

Then there are games that take a while to play and the DLC trickles out as you play - maybe fallout 3/NV and borderlands. I grabbed both fallout GOTY editions once they were available cause i was in no rush.

Map packs i hate cause i really think they divide the online community into the haves and the have nots. I havent grabbed a map pack for any of the CoDs or Battlefields or CS:GO.

Cant think of any other DLC ive recently paid for apart from the bonus stuff you get in packs like Arkham City. Also LA Noire. Grabbed both months after release on steam sale.

You raise a good point though. If you smash through a game within a few weeks then chances are you wont be interested in the DLC released months later unless you are a big fan of the game.
Posted 01:29am 08/5/13
I bought all the borderlands 2 DLC and I've only played the first 2. I do appreciate that they have tried to keep the game going however dlc was just more of the same and is simply not as epic as the original storyline. I also did not like how easy it was to dupe gear it made the game to easy as everyone was walking around with the best guns/perks.
Posted 03:26pm 08/5/13
My view on DLC is pretty much the same as Deadly, It's the quality, and what the DLC has to offer that governs if I buy or not, perfect examples are Fallout 3/NV and Borderlands, for the most part the DLC for aformentioned games lasted the dollar value and added more to play around with in game, especially in regards to Fallout.

A terrible example would be Sleeping Dogs. Absolutely loved the game, and is one of my favourites from last year, but wouldn't, and haven't spent a cent on DLC for that game, simply because none of it adds enough to justify the money I'd spend.
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