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Post by Eorl @ 01:55pm 03/05/13 | 16 Comments
The zombie craze has yet to slow down in the videogame world, with the launch of Techland's next title in the Dead Island franchise, Riptide. Taking place after the events of the first game, Riptide places you in the shoes of the four original survivors plus a fifth new character as you set about destroying the limbs of each and every zombie you encounter.

We enlisted our zombie fan Gameboffin to check out what Techland has to offer in their latest venture to the undead genre and also see whether zombies sink or swim in water.
Riptide brings absolutely nothing new to the experience of the first game. If anything, it just piles on new frustrations. It may look deadly beautiful but it is not worth your time. This is practically the exact same experience as the first game.
Read on for his full thoughts.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:00pm 03/5/13
Ouch, they might make a few dollars in the short term, but it's not doing many favours for the Dead Island franchise.
Posted 02:06pm 03/5/13
Well I enjoyed it, particularly the new zombies (one with this huge mutated fist that smashes the ground, a screamer like the witcher from L4D, a radiation affected dead scientist who throws radioactive flesh from his bowels, and then these water lurkers that scare the s*** out of you whenever you walk through flooded areas). The chargers returns as well late into the game.

There is also a new element to the game which is where you have to find hidden items within a defined radius, a little like hide and seek normally while hordes are coming at you.

Finally there is the new base defense concept where every now and then you a trigger a horde but before that you have to erect fence barriers, place land minexs and min gun emplacements to maximise your chances of survival.

There is a lot more ammo available in this instalment, as that was a major gripe from the first one - how can you go weapns defence if there is no bloody ammo?

What else did the reviewer expect from a sequel except more of the same... it's not going to be a fantasy RPG.
Posted 04:33pm 03/5/13
Yet, the constant COD MW 2 3 4 556670707080800890 "map pack" new editions seems to get 9/10 or 10/10 on here.

Riptide was meant as more of an expansion, not a sequel. It wasn't meant to reinvent the wheel up from the first game.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:46pm 03/5/13
We've never given CoD a 10/10 and haven't ever reviewed their map packs. I've played this and honestly, it's not great.
Posted 04:55pm 03/5/13
haha, you give this a 4 for being so samey to the first but FC3 Blood Dragon, which contains the same bugs and annoyances that should have been patched out in the original gets a 9.0? ok.
Reverend Evil
Posted 06:35pm 03/5/13
There's two things that really killed Dead Island for me.

1. monsters scale up with you
2. weapons take damage

I would have played the s*** out of that game had it not been for that crap.
Posted 06:36pm 03/5/13
We've never given CoD a 10/10 and haven't ever reviewed their map packs. I've played this and honestly, it's not great.

The "map packs" part of my post is a jibe about the fact that a new cod game is released every year with little changes
Posted 07:27pm 03/5/13
no 4/10. 8/10!
Posted 07:36pm 03/5/13
You don't really insert "You've already played this" as what you didn't like in every COD game since after COD 4... Instead you say "Expanded single-player experience with depth and length". Pffft...
Posted 07:42pm 03/5/13
We've never given CoD a 10/10 and haven't ever reviewed their map packs. I've played this and honestly, it's not great.

I think the disdain comes from a 9.4 for BLOPS2 which most people see as a rehash of the COD the year before.

There's two things that really killed Dead Island for me.1. monsters scale up with you2. weapons take damageI would have played the s*** out of that game had it not been for that crap.

I liked the zombies scaling with you. Weapons taking damage was a bit s***, but you can repair them which is alright I guess.
Posted 07:57pm 03/5/13
Really seems like it should have been an expansion pack, reviews might not have treated it so harshly if it came out Blood Dragon style and only cost $15 or so, but it doesn't sound like it stands up when being marketted as a whole new game.
Posted 10:39pm 03/5/13
I enjoyed the first Dead Island I had plenty of fun Co-op experiences with my friends but this game just looked like the same game with new environments.

Glad I read some of these reviews before I go out and waste my money.
Posted 11:28pm 03/5/13
Yeh I actually am enjoying this. Got it for $25 from g2play, so very affordable. Bought it because I knew it would be more of the same, so i like it. Far Cry Blood Dragon on the other hand.... absolutely dreadful... not a fan.... at all.... i'd give that a 4/10 and dead island a 7/10.
Posted 05:04pm 04/5/13
i barely ever comment on this site, but i check it every single day, and im not just jumping on the band wagon here, but this definetelly deserved better than a 4... so much better than the original, even if its only little tweaks. If you enjoyed the first you will enjoy this, its better in every way
Posted 06:56pm 04/5/13
bought the first one... gonna hire or a warez the 2nd..

still undecided
Posted 03:58am 05/5/13
I disliked the first Dead Island but gave this game a chance to impress me. I played 5-6 hours of the main quest. It is definitely the most derivative nonsense of a game I've played in a long time. The game runs smoothly but that is because the graphics are very low quality.

The controls are still wonky at best and broken at worst. Swings that should hit miss and enemies have cheap hits. On at least 5 occasions I died from one hit with no zombies around (yes, no zombies at all).

The only way I can see this game be any fun at all is if you play with friends and mock the game with them and that's a waste of time. In conclusion "Dead Island Riptide = Dead Island + Boats", not fun at all >:(
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