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Post by Dan @ 09:52am 02/05/13 | 2 Comments
Camelot Unchained, the realm vs realm-focussed MMO project from City State Entertainment, led by Mark Jacobs of Dark Age of Camelot fame, has passed the US$2M point in its crowdfunding campaign to secure the game's continued development.
Mark has always called his online games evolutionary with a mix of revolutionary features. This one will be no different, as it will draw a lot of inspiration from “old school” games and MMORPGs while also mixing in some new features. In the rush to cash in on the WoW phenomenon, publishers/designers tried to simply “out-WoW WoW”, leading to most MMORPGs becoming more risk-averse, more “casual player”-focused, and overall, less challenging. This produced, among other things, a loss of the pride and sense of accomplishment that came from succeeding in the older, more difficult titles.

We're not talking about spawn-camping for 24 hours straight, but rather the sense of pride from succeeding in a challenging game rather than one which hands you everything on a silver platter. In CU, you will have to earn your skills by deeds, and they will increase slowly over time. Magical items will not be found everywhere like road-kill on highways, so gamers won’t feel the pressure to “keep up with the Gandalfs.”
At the time of writing, the pledge drive has raised almost $2.1M from over 13,000 backers, with less then 17 hours left for those that still want to get in on the action.

The development team have launched live streams of their workplace in celebration of meeting the goal, and you can join them over at

If all goes to plan, Camelot Unchained will ship for Windows PC on December 2015, preceeded by a few months of beta testing.

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Posted 11:20am 02/5/13
Awesome news! :)
Posted 11:58am 02/5/13
yeh will be interesting to see how it turns out
if he can bring back the daoc pvp style it'd be nice

never been convinced his apparent aversion to pve is a good idea though, I've always thought catering to the pve crowd like wow does is a good way to provide the bread and butter income flow to fund the more niche pvp aspect which is more likely to go the distance with a fatter subscriber base under it
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