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ArenaNet has unveiled Retribution as the final chapter for their recent Flame and Frost monthly update, with several additions to PvE and PvP content. Included in the final update will be a new story dungeon, Molten Weapon Facilities, alongside the launch of the limited beta for upcoming custom arenas and the spectator mode.
In secret foundries deep beneath the Shiverpeaks, the Molten Alliance forges deadly new weaponry that combine the fiery power of the Flame Legion with the iron might of the dredge. There, Alliance weapon smiths test their creations on innocent captives, perfecting their cruel technology until it is ready to unleash on all of Tyria.

In the last chapter of the Flame and Frost series, you’ll strike at the heart of the Molten Alliance with your comrades Rox the charr and the norn Braham. Take the battle into the enemy’s weapons facilities and defeat a final hybrid menace unlike any Tyria has ever seen!
The update will also be a long list of general bug fixes and class tunings, which you can check out over here at the patch notes section. Retribution will also be bringing new guild missions as well as new world vs world abilities which you can read all about at the official page here.

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