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Post by Eorl @ 11:08am 30/04/13 | 10 Comments
Voice-actor Kevin Conroy may not be taking up his famous role as the caped crusader in Warner Bros. upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins according to a new interview to feature in NAG Magazine (thanks Batman News). The magazine article is set to debut in May however details have leaked that reveal the famous 90s voice-actor for Batman: The Animated Series will not be reprising his role as Batman in the Arkham title, instead Warner Bros. are looking for a younger actor to play the role.

No details have yet been revealed on who exactly will play the role of Batman, however it is also unclear whether Mark Hamill will be taking up his infamous role as the Joker after stating Arkham City would be his last performance as the villain. Hopefully whoever does fill the role of both Batman and Joker are able to bring the stellar performances that Conroy and Hamill brought to each game. Conroy's latest role as Batman was in the recently released Injustice: Gods Among Us. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

In related Batman news, several new screenshots have been revealed detailing the new world of Origins including a look at several of the villains Batman will be facing in his crime-fighting spree. Check out a glimpse below but Batarang your way to our game page for the full catalogue.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:18am 30/4/13
As far as I am concerned, Conroy is Batman. My expectations for this game keep on dropping. The lack of Conroy itself is enough for me to dismiss this game as part of the Arkham game cannon.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:27am 30/4/13
Plus the rumoured addition of multiplayer in a game that really can't offer it is just making for a very trepidatious marketing and release period for the team, IMO
Posted 12:24pm 30/4/13
There was some screenshots I saw pictures of from that Gameinformer article, and even the graphical style of the game looks totally different, Batman doesn't look much like he does in the other Arkham games, feels like its not really part of the same series at all.
Posted 12:59pm 30/4/13
This game is not looking good.
Posted 01:08pm 30/4/13
i really enjoyed the batman games until about 3 hours in when i realised it's repetitive as hell
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:00pm 30/4/13
Then you missed out on a lot of radness
Posted 04:26pm 30/4/13
A game set before the previous two but with an even more modernised looking batman? ok..
Posted 05:14pm 30/4/13
Plot twist - Mayor Adam West will be doing the voice in Arkham Origins
Posted 08:13pm 30/4/13
Kevin Conroy's voice is great as Batman. Why does everyone want to 're' f*****g 'boot' everything? Stupid marketing plebs...
Posted 08:40pm 30/4/13
Then you missed out on a lot of radness

Here here! Both AA and AC are two of the best games I have ever played. Incredible.

Kevin Conroy's voice is great as Batman. Why does everyone want to 're' f*****g 'boot' everything? Stupid marketing plebs...

I don't think it's a reboot, more of another "origins" thing with multiplayer.
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