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Post by Dan @ 11:16am 26/04/13 | 8 Comments
Hidden Path Entertainment has excitedly shared the news that their strategy sequel Defense Grid 2 will be coming sooner than expected, thanks to the support of a private investor that was impressed by the developer's Kickstarter campaign.

Hidden Path's Kickstarter project was slightly unorthodox, as its primary goal (which was achieved) was for an expansion to the original Defense Grid, but promise of a full sequel was attached to a stretch goal that it did not attain. However, today's announcement pledges to honour the studio's commitment to its crowdfunding backers.
Jeff Pobst, CEO at Hidden Path Entertainment, shares his thoughts on the success of the campaign, “Through the DG2 Kickstarter campaign we were able to not only raise money and make more Defense Grid content, but we created a shared engagement around the project with thousands of backers for several months. The excitement, involvement, and passion that the community displayed around Defense Grid directly helped us engage an investment partner and make DG2 a reality.”

Hidden Path Entertainment has been listening to the community and will continue to do so throughout the development process making sure players have a voice during the making of the game. Be sure to sign up on the forums if you haven’t done so already (http://www.hiddenpath.com/forum/register.php). On the forums gamers will be given the latest DG2 news, have the opportunity to ask questions of the development team, and provide feedback about the game.
Defense Grid 2 is due in "first half of 2014", and will feature both cooperative and competitive multiplayer, as well as user-created content support.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:41am 26/4/13
This game was awesome for like 10 bucks on steam. A++++ seller.
Posted 06:19pm 26/4/13
Multiplayer was the one thing the original was sorely missing, glad they're building it into Defence Grid 2.
Posted 11:06pm 26/4/13
F*** multiplayer. Loved the campaign, havent played the extra levels n DLC they released. Steam says 13hrs for a game i got on sale for $2.50 IIRC - bargain.
Posted 11:48am 27/4/13
Yeah, loved the original.

Not everything is about multiplayer.
Posted 12:17pm 27/4/13
Steam says 13hrs for a game i got on sale for $2.50 IIRC - bargain.

I take your 13 hours and raise you 103 hours for $2.50 :)

Still enjoy the first and can't wait for the sequel. As for multiplay... meh.
Posted 01:11pm 27/4/13

On topic, just got defence grid 1 for 2.50 on a steam special. It's pretty and playable with a controller which is nice. I play it when i'm in bed because like MTG it's good for falling asleep to.
Posted 02:59pm 28/4/13
103 hours, how the f***?
Posted 10:06am 29/4/13
I see your 103 hours and raise you:


(It isn't marked as installed because this is my work PC, where I only have garbage like CS:GO installed.)

I contributed to the kickstarter for DG2. They made some mistakes with how they pitched the game on Kickstarter (IMO) but I'm glad to see they are making DG2.
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