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Post by Eorl @ 12:09pm 23/04/13 | 2 Comments
It looks like the Australian Classification Board has once again outed a new title before the official announcement according to Kotaku, this time from developer Bethesda. Titled 'Endless Summer', the classification cites "Strong horror themes and violence" with an MA15+ rating.

Of interest, the classification report details the unknown game with strong impact violence, mild language and no drug usage - a previous trait that got Fallout 3 initially banned in Australia before being modified. Endless Summer also looks to include mild sexual content including very mild nudity. It is unclear whether this classification could be the recent Evil Within title announced last week, however there is no mention of developer Tango Gameworks. What is obvious though is that it will have some form of horror elements included in the game.

Bethesda has been previously teasing a new game reveal this year, with vice-president Pete Hines expecting people to "sit up and take notice". It isn't known whether this newest classification is simply a codename for another project, or an actual project name, but hopefully we'll be able to hear more soon. What do you think it could be? Leave us a comment below.

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:02pm 23/4/13
It never rained in Fallout and was pretty much always sunny.

However, I think Obsidian will be kept on the Fallout franchise. I doubt there'll be another new TES given Skyrim has really only just wrapped and the MMO is waiting in the wings. This leads me to believe BGS is likely working on something entirely new, or they might revive something old, but given their only other series was a drag racing one, I'm going to go with it being entirely new.
Posted 02:17pm 23/4/13
This should actually be quite easy to confirm what it is. If someone asks the Classification board for the report it should have the alternate name listed, previous reports Ive received in the past with this type of thing have had them in there.

Anyway my guess is that its a Skyrim pack. Reasons being that the last lot of DLC was handed out in February. There was a recent announcement that all major updates to skyrim were now done, so it would seem like a great time for them to do a Skyrim GOTY edition type release with all the updates.

I don't think its The Evil within, as stated above its got the wrong developer listed, and country of origin is USA - The Evil within is coming out of Japan.
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