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Post by Eorl @ 10:56am 23/04/13 | 6 Comments
Polygon is reporting that a Mexico City resident has recently spotted what looks to be the filming of a live-action commercial for upcoming sandbox title Grand Theft Auto V. Snapping up a handful of photos, the local resident showed off one car jutting out of some foliage alongside another smashed into a light pole plus an odd number of washing machines.

The resident revealed to Polygon that "one of the staff members told me it was an ad for Grand Theft Auto 5," which we presume will be taking place in the fictional City of Los Santos. While it has been some time since Rockstar aired a live-action trailer alongside a GTA title, with GTA 2 being the last one which you can check out below, it will definitely be a nice change to the usual CGI or in-game footage. Check out the images below (thanks AllGamesBeta).

Earlier today Rockstar also revealed a new teaser video on their official blog, which features the fictional Epsilon religion. According to the program, "the Goals and the Pledge of Epsilon will continue to be revealed in due time," with further directions to be "provided in one week's time." The program also reveals several "facts" including dinosaurs not being real, sperm being made up by biology teachers and that "aliens exist and are present on earth." Hopefully we'll have some more light shed on what exactly Epsilon are up to in the latest title.

Grand Theft Auto V will be available on September 17 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

grand theft auto vlive-action commercialepsilon
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:57pm 23/4/13
Any word of a PC version? I am assuming they are waiting like previous games. Worried it will go the same way as RDR which I had to get on PS3. Killed myself playing that after for 5mins.
Posted 01:46pm 23/4/13
IMO PC will be released for sure. They havent missed PC so far with a GTA release so dunno why they would now. RDR is their only non PC release i think.
Posted 02:09pm 23/4/13
What is the relevance/meaning/significance of the video in the OP? I tried to watch it but by the time they showed a buddhist monk in the back of a truck I realised the whole thing was incoherent.
Posted 11:48pm 23/4/13
IMO PC will be released for sure. They havent missed PC so far with a GTA release so dunno why they would now. RDR is their only non PC release i think.

Personally I'll be holding my breath until it's confirmed. Just because they've always released for PC doesn't mean they always will, though if there is never a PC release I'll definitely be devastated.

Thinking about it rationally, however, it seems that the business plan that would make the most sense for them would be to wait till both next gen consoles' release dates are confirmed then plan an all-in-one release for the PS4, new Xbox and PC, considering how similar all their architectures will be.
Posted 06:41pm 23/4/13
isn't developing games for the ps4 meant to be identical to a PC? if so then it would be a huge d*** move to not release it for the PC.
Posted 11:11pm 23/4/13

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