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Capcom has announced a major restructuring that will see the Japanese games publisher return their focus to in-house games development --a restructuring that will incur a reported ¥7.2 bn (US$73.3m) loss due to the cancellation of several unannounced games that were in the works at licensed third party Western studios (from GI International):
The publisher of Devil May Cry and Resident Evil has more than halved profit forecasts for the financial year ended March 2013 from ¥6.5bn ($66.2m / £43.4m) to just ¥2.9bn ($29.5m / £19.4m).

Presentation material to investors shows that the publisher singles out a "decline in quality of titles outsourced to overseas developers". As a result the company has cancelled in-progress projects farmed out to third parties as part of a "strict" review that has found games incompatible with a new focus.

It also acknowledges the company had a "delayed response to the shift to digital media" in its home video game business.

Sales of Resident Evil 6 across consoles during the financial year are expected to be around 4.9 million - way off the original 7 million target, while DmC Devil May is expected to have shifted 1.1 million units of the estimated 2 million.
Remember Me, the Capcom-published title from French studio Dontnod, is still on track for a June 2013 launch.


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