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Post by Eorl @ 11:54am 18/04/13 | 21 Comments
EA has sent word that Origin's Mystery Deal for Australian gamers will be offering DICE's gritty FPS Battlefield 3 for only $5, but only for 12 hours. The deal will start on Friday 19 at 12pm AEST and will end on the same day at 11.59pm AEST and is only for the PC version of Battlefield 3.
The Battlefield 3 army continues to grow quickly, capturing more than 20 million players since release in October 2011 and has been lauded by game critics worldwide for its compelling single player campaign, intense co-op missions and world class, all-out-war multiplayer experience.
If you haven't yet picked up a copy and looking to join the warfare on the cheap side, now is probably the best time as DICE and EA gear up for the release of Battlefield 4 later this year. Grab it here.

battlefield 3origin
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:17pm 18/4/13
What about premium? I'd pay 5-10 bucks for that.
Posted 12:32pm 18/4/13
Yea with you ctd, I love to get premium on the el-cheapo
Posted 01:52pm 18/4/13
+1 Cheap Premium
Nerf Lord
Posted 02:17pm 18/4/13
Mwahaha, I camped the ausgamers giveaway thread and got a free one, and now don't need their foolish $5 sales.
Posted 04:28pm 18/4/13
A bit of a kick in the guts for those who redeemed it as the free game for the Simcity debacle!
Posted 04:33pm 18/4/13
I got the BF3 limited edition version and was considering getting premium yesterday until I saw the price.
Glad I didn't. If the premium does go on sale too, I would've be hella raging.
Posted 08:39pm 18/4/13
Im pretty sure premium not going on special cause they are sucking you in with the game and then you will pay for premium :)
Posted 09:25pm 18/4/13
Yeah, that is what I figured.
Sucks not having it, as there are heaps less servers available to me now compared to launch.
Posted 10:42pm 18/4/13
how much longer will it be alive for though? I went to play bad company 2 a fair bit after release and there were no aussie servers at all.
Posted 10:55pm 18/4/13
Nah man, there are still at least 5 or 6 BC2 servers around for Oceania region!!!!
Posted 01:47am 19/4/13

Posted 02:02am 19/4/13
and also:

Posted 04:19am 19/4/13
rmember when everyone hated activision. and before that they hated EA
Posted 05:19am 19/4/13
The hate is strong with us.
Posted 10:21am 19/4/13
I never hated activision. My list of hates in decending order: Sony, ubisoft, ea.

ALso, only 5 or 6 servers for what they'd try sell as the biggest bestest game? Pathetic.
Posted 11:21am 19/4/13
Nah man, there are still at least 5 or 6 BC2 servers around for Oceania region!!!!

Not when i last checked. Was a few months ago, checked early evening one day and nothing. Uninstalled :(

And as mentioned IMO this is to suck people in with cheap BF3 and get them to pay for premium.
Posted 11:39am 19/4/13
I never hated activision. My list of hates in decending order: Sony, ubisoft, ea.
EA are yet to make a real money auction house.
Posted 05:15pm 19/4/13
what's so great about premium bf3 vs whatever is on sale? fancy hats?
Posted 06:36pm 19/4/13
Is it worth the $5 without premium / dlc etc?
Posted 08:34pm 19/4/13
yeah the game is good, premium/DLC gives you more maps and different vechiles to play with etc on different maps
Posted 12:27am 20/4/13
so you pretty much need premium to play multiplayer? like if the server swaps to a dlc map you get kicked? got fed up with that bulls*** in modern warfare.
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