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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:16pm 17/04/13 | 12 Comments
The game is very near its official release day, and ahead of that we've taken it for the review spin, running all 24 DC characters (out of the box) through their paces in both the campaign mode and multiplayer.

The good news is, across the board, this is one very, very solid fighting game. It's classic NetherRealm but manages to actually ingest some new life into the genre with wildly interactive environments that not only help in the tactical side of things, but are also essentially characters unto themselves.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:47pm 17/4/13
Hey Steve, found a mistake in your review. It says "Batman beating up Superman", it should actually be the other way around. kthanks
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:05pm 17/4/13
He grimaces!
Posted 04:25pm 17/4/13
So, what are the controls like? Is it like mortal kombat with the block button?
Posted 04:32pm 17/4/13
There is a demo on Xbox live Khel. I downloaded it the other day. Haven't had a chance to play it yet.
Posted 04:33pm 17/4/13
i think the combat is more complex than MK, you have a lot more to worry about. There isn't a block button, its more like street fighter where you hold back or down depending on the incoming attack. Also can play it like MK where you tap the buttons - down forward, or just quarter circle like in SF.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:34pm 17/4/13
pressing back on the d-pad or analogue is block, like classic MK
Posted 04:37pm 17/4/13
Oh cool, I'll have to grab the demo and try it out. Though, I think I'll probably get it anyway, it sounds pretty awesome. I was hoping for a block button though, I'm more used to that. Guess I'll just have to adapt :p
Posted 09:27pm 17/4/13
pressing back on the d-pad or analogue is block, like classic MK

MK never utilised back for block - MK1 through 9 all used a button.
Posted 09:54pm 17/4/13
Pressing back was a Street Fighter thing, definitely SFII anyway, can't remember about the others.
Posted 09:15am 21/4/13
MK never had back block, never ever ever
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:35am 21/4/13
Will be playing this and mortal kombat at my place this arvo. Gonna be awesome fun.
Posted 01:24pm 22/4/13
Its pretty good, controls are taking a bit of getting used to for me though. Its a bit like Marvel, theres a light, medium and heavy attack, then a 'special' button, and then your heavy attack is also a launcher. Doesn't map too well to the MK joystick I have though which is a bit of a shame
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