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Post by Eorl @ 12:44pm 16/04/13 | 19 Comments
Gameplanet are reporting that DICE's upcoming current-gen and next-gen expected FPS Battlefield 4 may see the return of Commander Mode according to new promotional gear that was posted to the official Battlelog of Battlefield 3, which also reveals that the FPS could have three playable factions in multiplayer.

It isn't exactly clear how much of the Commander Mode will see a return, which was introduced in Battlefield 2 and later in Battlefield 2142 but has not been used since. The poster also reveals the three playable factions - Russia, China and America - which matches up with previous rumours last month before the official reveal.

The material has been circulating around GameStop shops in the US however has not been officially confirmed yet. The poster does mention a "Drone Strike" DLC pack, valued at $10 but offered for free in pre-orders, similar to the Back to Karkand DLC pack in Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 4 is due in Spring (Northern Fall) 2013 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 however is expected for next-gen consoles, including Sony's PlayStation 4.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:33pm 16/4/13
Here's hoping that they have 3 fractions at once style gamemodes.
Hollow Gr4m
Posted 01:39pm 16/4/13
If you have to open a browser to play online on PC like Battlefield 3, I will once again never play this. If it's on Origin only, I will never play this. Pirate it for singleplayer? Sure. Good Work EA. Long term battlefield player, lost again. I can't believe people support this crap game still. 2 is still more fun than all the other Battlefield games.
Posted 01:59pm 16/4/13
Frankly I thought the server browser for Battlefield 3 was awesome. My only gripe was the inability to modify settings out side of a game. I don't think I have come across another game where the server browser and associated game stats and info was so complete.
Posted 02:28pm 16/4/13
Meh. The way they went with BF3 I just can't be arsed. All the DLC and stuff. I never bothered buying any of it. Now I can't be bothered with BF4.
Posted 02:33pm 16/4/13
I didn't buy any DLC still got many hours of enjoyment and didn't mind the browser thing. Will buy this.
Posted 02:44pm 16/4/13
Bought the DLC. Loved the web interface once it got the polish it required. Origin works well ( exception being release days but it's normal from most companies to get that wrong ).

Looking forward to BF4 and those who cry about it are perfectly fine to not buy the game. I don't want their cry baby complaints in chat when I shoot them from 700m with a sniper rifle while they're flying a chopper.
Posted 04:32pm 16/4/13
Maybe a buy. But long live BF2.
Posted 06:33pm 16/4/13
Battlelog, with regards to information and statistics, was fantastic. Also, it made Activision rethink charging money for Elite.
However, Battlelog as a server browser was absolutely terrible. All these people saying it is great: what, you liked waiting ages and ages for a game to load up? Did you also enjoy having the browser stuck on "Initialising" and not progressing any further?
There were heaps of issues with Battlelog from a server browser view.
A lot of those are now fixed or happen infrequently, but for a good year, battlelog was a hinderance to getting into a game.
Posted 06:37pm 16/4/13
icon7.gifMeh. The way they went with BF3 I just can't be arsed. All the DLC and stuff. I never bothered buying any of it. Now I can't be bothered with BF4.

Posted 07:35pm 16/4/13
commander mode was real fun in bf2
Posted 08:28pm 16/4/13
I like the idea of 3 factions. Just mixes up the visuals a bit with different models and skins. I think now that the web server browser is alright, I assume DICE will be using it again with Origin.

We can only hope for mod tools and community map packs.
Posted 08:45pm 16/4/13
If you look in the battle log browser up the top you'll see an option for BF4 and MoH so it's definitely going to be using battle log. It will almost definitely be an Origin exclusive title too.

I got a lot of playtime out of battlefield 3 (200 odd hours and counting) and enjoyed all the DLC's (apart from AK, that was trash). I'll more than likely be getting BF4.
Posted 08:50pm 16/4/13
Here's hoping that they have 3 fractions at once style gamemodes.

planetside 2?
Posted 09:30pm 16/4/13
Did they do that in planetside 2?
I just think it could be an interesting twist on a genre that has been stuck in its tracks for forever.
Posted 10:48pm 16/4/13
I'll be getting it as i got my money out of BF3 but defintely going to wait until it comes out and buy using those cheap CD Key stores as i'm not paying $100 for Origin piece of crap. I got smashed on Simcity!
Posted 01:09am 17/4/13
I remember getting it for a decent-ish price off amazon when I was living in the UK. Think it was 30 quid (44AUD). Plus that meant you got the s***** day1 dlc.
Posted 01:20am 17/4/13
yeah i left BF3 for planetside 2 (free game btw) and its just awesome. the battles are sweet but im not sure how popular the australian servers are.
Posted 11:11am 17/4/13
Not played PS2 in a few months, I did update it a few weeks ago in case I felt like jumping in it. I got <210 hours logged in BF3.
Posted 11:18am 17/4/13
Rdizz - The australian server (briggs) does pretty well, there's always at least 1 continent with a good fight.
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