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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:05am 12/04/13 | 5 Comments
Recently we had a chance to get hands-on with Turbine's MOBA imagining of the DC Comics Multiverse. That is, instead of just the regular DC universe we all know and love, it also features two other universes that are slightly off-kilter to the one we already know, though it's all still character mirrored.

As one of the most popular gaming genres in the western world, Warner Bros and Turbine made the right choice to tackle a MOBA with familiar characters, but it's more rewarding that they've taken the risk to include the aforementioned universes and myriad alternate characters from within, showing a level of reverence and respect a lot of licensed products tend to lack.

Click here for our full hands-on preview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:18am 12/4/13
Batman in a MOBA setting? I'm sold!
Posted 11:29am 12/4/13

At this stage they're not disclosing their infrastructure plans

That does not inspire confidence at all, from memory comments like that tend towards peer-to-peer or a cluster of servers in some part of the US. :(
Posted 11:42am 12/4/13
I highly doubt they'll launch with no Australian servers, or at the least around launch time. Look at DOTA 2 and HoN, they both have Australian servers and LoL is gearing up for their local launch as well.
Posted 09:02am 15/4/13
None of those games launched with Australian servers. The trend is to basically cover NA and EU and then if the game looks like it's going to last, look at the other regions. I suspect that is what will happen with this but we'll see how much pressure we can apply :>
Posted 09:35am 15/4/13
Oh man I hope this is good, and that pussy Superman is a support character >:)
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