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Post by Dan @ 10:35am 12/04/13 | 14 Comments
Confirming a leak from earlier this year, Ubisoft has announced Flashback, a re-release of the 2D platformer classic with a HD makeover. The game is being retooled byVector Cell, the French studio helmed by Flashback's original Lead Designer Paul Cuisset.
To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Flashback is back in 3D and HD. Updated for the new millennium by its original creator and rendered in 3D by the power of the unreal engine, a new generation of players can now experience a game that helped define sci-fi Action/Adventure games.

Conrad is back to save humanity from an invasion of alien Morphs set on absorbing our minds and incorporating our species! Rolling and shooting, always ready for another fight, help Conrad save the world and his girlfriend. You’ll find everything you always liked in this classic that set standards of the genre in the 90’s, and brought up to speed with the 21st century technology and expectations.
Flashback is in the works for PC, and console digital download platforms, and is due to launch later this year. Watch the trailer below.

flashbackvector celltrailerubisoft

Latest Comments
Posted 10:39am 12/4/13
Oh hell yeah
Posted 10:48am 12/4/13

So getting this!
Posted 10:52am 12/4/13
O nice.

I was afraid for minute that 3D meant FPS style. Thank god it is still Platformer.

This is my all time favourite platform game and certainly in the top 20 of my favourite game, maybe even top 10.

Will play for sure.
Posted 11:32am 12/4/13
rotoscoped goodness!
Posted 07:16pm 12/4/13
Hope the do a remixed sound track ...the original was awesome!
Posted 07:32pm 12/4/13
lol my mum is going to be over the moon, this was her most fav game ever on amiga500
Posted 08:08pm 12/4/13
Give me now!
Posted 08:10pm 12/4/13
Looks awesome, glad it has remained platform.
Posted 12:12pm 13/4/13
F*****g sweet.
Posted 01:26pm 13/4/13
Hell YES!
Posted 03:00pm 13/4/13
Hope the do a remixed sound track ...the original was awesome!

Yeah, that was one of my first thoughts too, hope it has some form of the same the soundtrack, loved the soundtrack in the original
Posted 03:37pm 13/4/13
not sure of the legality of this, but flashback seems to be abandonware if you want to revist the goodness!

feel free to nuke this admins, if we're not sure if its legit or not.
Posted 05:14pm 13/4/13
If this does well I hope this means they'll do a HD remake of Fade To Black :D
Posted 09:07pm 13/4/13
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