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Post by Eorl @ 11:49am 11/04/13 | 3 Comments
Ubisoft has today announced that ShootMania Storm, their latest fast-paced first-person shooter, is now available worldwide for PC. The new title brings an easy to access but hard to master strategy to the table but also have on offer the chance for players to get directly involved through foray of user-created maps, game modes, graphic assets and videos through some quite powerful tools.

To help us judge the fast-paced shooter we enlisted Nate "NachosJustice" Lawrence to discover just how competitive Ubisoft's latest title could be, and whether it will sink or zoom through the large list of already well-established first-person shooters.
Despite ShootMania’s simplicity, it did still feel like being thrown into the deep end when starting the game, with little guidance as to what I should be doing outside of clicking through the various menu ‘stations’. ShootMania loads quickly, alt-tabs like a champ and is a fantastic example of a game that can take five minutes to learn, but countless hours to master in its addictive gameplay formula.
Check out the full review over here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:30pm 11/4/13
Stark meets RA3 ?
Posted 12:52pm 11/4/13
This game is like insta-gib on crack, pretty much.
Posted 04:19pm 11/4/13
F*** yeah, first person parkour type s*** with jet packs. None of this 3rd person console crap. Just hope it has popularity in Aus.
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