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Post by Eorl @ 12:24pm 10/04/13 | 11 Comments
A new update on the official SimCity Facebook page has confirmed that the quite controversial simulation title has now enabled "Cheetah" speed, allowing players to further increase the games speed.

Previously the option to play SimCity at Cheetah speeds was disabled during the disastrous launch of SimCity, restricting players to normal or "Llama" speed. Developer Maxis responded to the issues at launch by turning off "non-critical" features which included leaderboards and achievements in an effort to help amend the performance issues many were facing.

The Facebook update has also revealed that Maxis are also working on Update 2.0, with a promise that more information will come soon.

Update: It seems an early look at the Update 2.0 has accidentally been revealed on EA's Czech blog, with a translated piece by Reddit user StSomaa. Here's a quick look at what to expect:
  • Tourism: Repairs unexplained fluctuations tourists - passenger numbers of tourists are now collected in a better way.

  • Casinos: Casinos adjusted so that it is more profitable gambling - to activate this enhancement is needed to demolish the old casino and replace them with new ones.

  • More casinos: Number of modules Sci-fi casino casino and neat rose to six.

  • Game in the region: bankrupt city may receive financial assistance from the city.

  • Education: Addressed an issue with buses that are stuck in secondary schools; existing schools are already corrected themselves.

  • Education: Fixed a bug where school buses picking up students in neighboring towns as well as the absence of bus stops.

  • Education: Better student population census.
  • The blog post also hinted at the update coming sometime soon though an official announcement will most likely be close by. Check out the full list of fixes over here and let us know your thoughts.

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    Latest Comments
    Posted 01:00pm 10/4/13
    man i want to keep playing this game but i just can't be f***ed playing on my own with these munted size cities

    i'd play with other people but i think everyone here has stopped playing at least on my origin and i highly doubt they have fixed the public game search since i last looked
    Posted 01:05pm 10/4/13
    yeah i've got over it. I've made cities with only Streetcar roads and i am still having traffic issues just got bored and also size of the land.
    Posted 01:19pm 10/4/13
    Version 2.0 will be a paid upgrade.
    Posted 02:12pm 10/4/13
    They're only returning these features because half the people who bought the game have given up, so their servers can actually handle the load.

    Though there's a hidden change in 2.0 that disconnects people at a random period between 30 minutes and 2 hours, to keep the suspense alive.
    Posted 02:35pm 10/4/13
    Which will be documented in the release notes as "reintroduced a feature designed to give the game the feel which was originally intended".
    Posted 02:59pm 10/4/13
    Of all the f***ed up things to fix its these? lol
    Posted 03:12pm 10/4/13
    i got sick of playing the game when i could never play a game i have saved, having to keep rolling it back. sim city ruined.
    Posted 03:16pm 10/4/13
    Version 2.0 will be a paid upgrade.

    is it wrong to laugh, then stop and honestly be unsure if they would or not
    Posted 04:47pm 10/4/13
    Ive played just over 40hours of this, bought it about 2 weeks back, and I Haven't had a single issue with saving/server stuff, the only thing that is game breaking for me right now is once you reach a certain population in a city traffic cripples everything, no matter what you do.
    Posted 06:31pm 10/4/13
    I stopped playing after I learned the game. It is laughably easy and offers no challenge.

    City sizes are too small to really build a city and the whole C-I-R cycle is gimped. Magic freight delivers to the seemingly static 'global' market allow you to build industrial powerhouses with no real commercial presence (even in the region). You can bust out a residential/parklands city with no commercial or industrial and commercial zones just seem to chug along even without industry input.

    O well, they got my money :(
    Posted 09:44pm 10/4/13
    Yeah, once you learn about specialties it really offers no challenge. If you even have so much as coal, ore or oil being mined, you're basically set.

    The challenge comes mostly due to bugs - eg, your water table completely depleting.
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