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Post by Dan @ 11:11am 08/04/13 | 5 Comments
The Kickstarter funding drive for Richard Garriot's hopeful new RPG project Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues wound up over the weekend, netting a total of US$1.9M in pledges through the site from 22,322 backers. Combined with a reported additional $129k raised from 944 contributions via the game's official website, that game's startup fund was pushed past the $2M mark, meeting all but two of its stretch goals.
A sincere thank you goes out to all our backers for pledging your support to “Shroud of the Avatar” and helping us raise almost double our Kickstarter goal! This game would not be possible without your dedication and feedback – what a fantastic experience it’s been to interact with all of you, learning what is most important and desired in our new world.

And we very much look forward to continuing that interaction, so please follow us to our official site at and join us in our continuing discussions and efforts. We’ll have regular updates and information for friends old and new. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter, or tweet us with #LBSOTA to keep the conversation alive!
The final two stretch goals up to US$2.5 million, had promised improved modding tools for user-generated content, and Oculus Rift virtual-reality head-mounted display support, but there's a chance it could still get there.

Those who missed the deadline can still access the same reward tiers via the game's website, with the complete pledge amount reaching the developer's coffers, but without the protections afforded by having Kickstarter as an intermediary.

Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is in the works for PC, with Alpha testing currently scheduled to kick off in December 2013, head of a launch target of October 2014.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:34pm 08/4/13
Was excited about this until I saw the video... looks like the original everquest...
Posted 01:49pm 08/4/13
Yeah, I don't think Garriot's pedigree carries much weight in today's market. Tabula Rasa was incredibly average, and in many ways poorly designed.

I love Ultima and the Avatar, but I kinda think those days are past us.

Aside - It kind of boggles my mind to think that the original studio that made Ultima Underworld went on to birth Irrational and Bioshock.
Posted 01:50pm 08/4/13
O was this going to be 1st person?

In my mind, 1st person RPG's kind of fail. As 1st person implies you are the character, instead of you playing the character that 3rd person implies.
Posted 02:15pm 08/4/13
If it looked more like Ultima V I'd have been all over this.

I have imagination. I don't mind my character or party being represented by an Icon, and knowing that while it was only 30 moves to get to that village it was really 3 days travel.
Posted 07:42pm 08/4/13
Watched the video where he explains hie ideas for SOTA and He just sounds so uninteresting. He has no real enthusiasm like the guys from inXile. It was a dull boring video that wouldn't make me want to pledge any money to it what so ever.
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