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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:53am 08/04/13 | 14 Comments
Speaking with CNN, legendary Nintendo designer and Mario creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, has equated troubles and skepticism currently surrounding their recently released Wii U console to that of the Nintendo DS when it was first released.

"There was a period when we first released the Nintendo DS that people would say there's no way people can look at two screens at once," Miyamoto told CNN.

"I almost feel like, as people get more familiar with Wii U and these touchscreen interfaces, that there is going to come a point where they feel like 'I can't do everything I want to do if I don't have a second screen'."

He also addressed the stability issues gamers have been facing with the console, committing Nintendo to improving the Wii U over the next few months to "make it a little more stable" and to be more "convenient to use from a system standpoint".

We talked at length about what the Wii U needs to do to make a lasting impact, especially when facing an uphill battle of being a machine capable of current-gen power ahead of more powerful next-gen releases, and that their ace would be the unique software they could bring to the table, however, on that front, Nintendo has been unsurprisingly lax, despite Miyamoto sharing his enthusiasm for the design potential with Wii U saying " I look at Wii U from the perspective of what games I can bring to Wii U". We just want to know what those games will be, and when Shiggy.

The interview itself doesn't really address the elephant in the room, but it is uncharacteristic of Nintendo to admit they're in a bit of trouble, so there's hope the machine will find its place yet if they can listen to consumers and play to their software and design strengths.

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Posted 10:35am 08/4/13
I'll "give it a chance" when it has games worth buying it for.
Posted 10:46am 08/4/13
As a nintendo fanboy, I think they may be cooked. Doesnt seem to be any interest from casual players, not powerful enough for core gamers.
Posted 12:51pm 08/4/13
Just give me a new zelda and it will be worth buying.
Posted 01:29pm 08/4/13
After the dust gatherer that was my Wii I'm far more reluctant to purchase a Wii U. It will have to show me some pretty inspiring games that really use the controller in a good gameplay use. Not just one game, but several.

I'll also need to be shown that the power of the system is acceptable enough to not impact gameplay, particularly with this new controller (or 2+).

My biggest issue with the Wii was that the system was just underpowered, when compared to everything else available it just seemed so lackluster. The second issue I had was that the various peripherals ended up just being gimmicks. The Wii controller itself was fine, used fairly well.

Good luck Miyamoto, it will be a tough sell to make me accept the Wii U power when compared to the next-next-gen consoles..

Posted 01:38pm 08/4/13
I cracked and bought one a while back and MAN is the whole thing incredibly underwhelming.

Let's hope that Microsoft and Sony do a little better in creating something compelling, otherwise s*** is gonna get weird and stagnant.
Posted 03:13pm 08/4/13
I'm enjoying what is on offer at the moment, both Lego City and Monster Hunter have taken many hours out of my weekends already and I'll be picking up Injustice next week which should make things interesting.

I will say, the lack of high profile hitting games like a Zelda or Smash title is disappointing, but I have a feeling Nintendo has underestimated just how much development time it takes for HD titles and probably should of expected this. In regards to the actual power of the console, I'm not really bothered by it. It is probably in-between the current gen and next-gen, which suits my needs.

I wasn't expecting a powerhouse console, and if Nintendo can deliver their ground breaking titles like Zelda, 3D Mario, Pikmin, Smash, Karts, Bayonetta 2 and the many other studios they've bought out, I'll be one happy man. Will I get a PS4 or 720? Probably. I think the main reason I got a Nintendo console was to play Nintendo products, its what I got the Wii for and had a helluva fun time with it. I've got my PC for everything else so I'm pretty set in regards to most games (I'll probably miss out on the exclusives of whichever console I don't pick next-gen).
Posted 04:51pm 08/4/13
most of the sales of the wii came from the casual 'hey look, bowling!' crowd that bought one and watched it collect dust for 5 years before gifting it to a nephew. i don't anticipate as many repeating the offense.
Posted 05:23pm 08/4/13
Posted 05:34pm 08/4/13
I wish spook wasn't banned for useless posts so he could come in here and prove to us how he is the only person left on the planet that still uses their wii past the first 3 months of purchasing it
Gazbin III
Posted 06:01pm 08/4/13
Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all miss the point of gaming in some way. It's because their most senior management are completely disconnected from their customers. They don't really see things in the customers best interests. All they see are options to make money. The more they try to make money, the more the fun factor fades. Nintendo screwed up by using the craze generated by the Wii with "casual gamers" to dump a flood of 2nd rate games onto their customers. I agree that there will be as many repeat offenders...
Gazbin III
Posted 06:11pm 08/4/13
I agree that there will NOT be as many repeat offenders...
Posted 06:37pm 08/4/13
I wish spook wasn't banned for useless posts so he could come in here and prove to us how he is the only person left on the planet that still uses their wii past the first 3 months of purchasing it


the issue that I see is that all the other consoles are multi-use, while the wii wasn't that great, a news channel and a few others, clunky, and not very indepth

while the xbox and xbox 360 can stream media, and mostly do it well, play music, and play games and DVD's

sony has the same, plus blu-ray

when you are looking at buying a system, these few things (aside from fandom) are what put these above the wii

would you rather pay $ for a system that has one job, take a port in the TV, (when there may be limited ports, cause swapping out is a pain in the arse) or like $ for something that can do many jobs?
Posted 09:42pm 08/4/13
Number 1 reason i didn't replace the wii when my housemate left with his

Couldn't do media streaming.

If it could, i would have bought a new one, left it plugged in, brought up wii games for house parties (the only time we used his) and then left it as a media box the rest of the time.

It was perfectly priced for that and just didn't do it. Sad.
Posted 09:49pm 08/4/13
It didn't have the grunt to be a media player. You could get homebrew media playing working, it was just choppy as hell for anything with decent resolution and bitrate.
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