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Post by Eorl @ 11:26am 05/04/13 | 12 Comments
Blizzard send through word their annual geek paradise, BlizzCon, will have tickets going on sale in two batches, April 24 and April 27 with the event scheduled to kick off at the Anaheim Convention Centre in California, November 8 and 9. In addition, a limited number of tickets to an exclusive pre-BlizzCon dinner to benefit Children’s Hospital of Orange County will go on sale May 1.
“BlizzCon gives us a chance to connect with our players and share our latest projects in a very personal way,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “Members from all of our gaming communities have helped make this event bigger and better every time, and we look forward to meeting up and celebrating with them in November.”
For those like myself who won't be able to make it to the actual event, Blizzard are once again offering a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket which will allow them to stream the event live with multi-channel capabilities. Further details on the Virtual Ticket, including pricing, availability, and programming information, will be announced at a later date.


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Posted 11:32am 05/4/13
Been to the last two. Would read again.

(third time's the charm re: Titan?)

Also, there is no question over live streaming, per the BlizzCon website:

Paladins, demon hunters, and Ghosts who can’t make it to the show in person will once again have the option to enjoy BlizzCon from home by ordering a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, offering comprehensive live coverage of the event via a multi-channel Internet stream. Further details on the Virtual Ticket, including pricing, availability, and programming information, will be announced at a later date.
Posted 11:32am 05/4/13
Ah cheers for that creepy, completely missed that :S
Posted 11:35am 05/4/13
For anyone in Australia contemplating a purchase, here are the times in AEST:

- 12pm (noon) Thursday, April 25th (ANZAC day, so you might have the day off!)
- 3am Sunday, April 28th

(I'm assuming the mexicans have gone off DST by late April)
Posted 11:52am 05/4/13
Thats a bit s***, live streaming is only available to paladins, demon hunters and ghosts?
Posted 04:23pm 05/4/13
v. Blizzcon-ning, Blizzcon-ned.

1. The process of Blizzard conning people out of $$$.
2. Being duped into thinking you're getting something good, which is not true.

They're blizzconning the public into buy this pos.
He was totally blizzconned lol, I can't believe he's going to buy that now.
Posted 10:19pm 05/4/13
haha what? did you seriously try to make a funni out of the word blizzcon? haha, f***** WoW.
Posted 04:00am 06/4/13
why do you have to pay to watch a giant blizzard pr event? do they not want people to know about the s***** new features on their next game?
Posted 06:00am 06/4/13
Keep in mind that BizzCon never makes a profit (nor break even).

The cost I would imagine, is simply to cover the production of the event. The last con's coverage was pretty polished in terms of live event production (akin to the late G4's daily covereage of events such as E3). That, and the network intrastructure being used to deliver via Internet and DirecTV (US satellite provider handling the PPV aspect)
Posted 09:42pm 06/4/13
The cost I would imagine, is simply to cover the production of the event.

exactly, it's a promotional event. blizzard are effectively asking fans to pay for their advertising.
Posted 02:22am 07/4/13
I guess you could say that about any convention, then? San Diego Comic Con is also a non-profit org, that charges $100-150 for four days of attendance, for people to visit giant (GIANT) halls with resellers, and TV/Movie advertisements.

Sometimes it's more than just glorified self-promotion. You can watch the opening ceremony at home for free.
Posted 02:32am 07/4/13
I dunno, not that I've ever been to a Blizzcon, only watched the stream, but it looks like a lot more than just PR. Looks like they do a lot of community stuff there too and theres panels with the developers where they talk more about the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes into the games (thats probably the bits I find most interesting tbh). And theres tournaments and all that sort of stuff if thats your thing too. Sure some of it is PR and its where they announce all their new s***, but its not like paying to go and watch the Sony PS4 press conference or something, its a bit more than that.
Posted 04:28am 07/4/13
Yep Khel, that's basically it. Q&As, tourneys (it's a part of the annual invitational calendar for SCII and 3v3 Arena), a chance to meet and greet Blizz people and fellow gamers.

Oh and it usually ends with a concert that is worth at least 50% of your ticket anyway.
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