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Eidos Montreal has opened the floodgates of information for upcoming reboot Thief, with several new screenshots and concept art showcasing the shadowy Garrett in action. Alongside the new iamgery of Garrett looking menacingly in the dark shadows of alleyways to what looks to be the lock-picking mechanism, various websites have also placed up their previews from last weeks GDC event in San Francisco. Here's a few bits:
  • Shacknews:
  • New to Thief is "focus," an ability that can speed up or aid certain skills. For example, if a player chooses to use focus while lockpicking, it can be done faster. If used while picking pockets, Garrett can walk away with more items in a faster time--or pluck expensive earrings right off a courtesan while her back is turned. And if Garrett needs to get out of combat, focus can be used to pinpoint key areas on an opponent to take him down quickly. Roy said focus is not unlimited, however. "You must use it like a powerful chess player. You must find the best tactical move."
  • Eurogamer:
  • The demo shows a bit of everything. There's an initial scene-setting trip into the heart of The City tucked under a blanket in a cart - an opportunity for a monologue from Garrett and a few scenes showing the oppression going on in the hub world where he lives, where bad guy Baron Northcrest's enforcers are throwing people in stockades and hanging them from buildings. Meanwhile, beggars and plague-ravaged citizens hobble around in the gutter under their boots. When Garrett emerges and the player takes control, he immediately overhears a couple of guards discussing the House of Blossoms and his potential prize - the wealth of a rarely seen aristo called Eastwick - and then he's off to work.
  • Destructoid:
  • A cool new feature mildly obscures an ovular region around your screen, particularly when you’re moving quickly, to simulate real life peripheral vision. I dug it. There’s also a huge focus on bringing Garrett’s hands into the forefront similar to something like Mirror’s Edge His hands are his best asset, so it’s kind of cool to see the tactile engagement with the environment versus feeling like you’re swiveling a camera on a stick about. After all, we in our everyday first person view get quite a good look at our hands; it makes sense to extend it into our first person videogames.
You can check out the full gallery of new screenshots and concept art over at our game page, but have a squizz below for a quick look at just what Eidos Montreal are hoping to deliver in the Thief reboot.

Thief is scheduled for a 2014 release on PC and next-gen consoles including the PlayStation 4.

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