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Post by Eorl @ 12:59pm 04/04/13 | 7 Comments
Upcoming patch 1.0.8 for the action RPG title Diablo 3 will be bringing various multiplayer changes according to a recent developer journal on the official website. With a quite lengthy approach to better improving the co-op experiences that players deal with, Blizzard are hoping that the next patch will "make it easier and more rewarding for people to play with each other."

Detailing the new patch, developer Wyatt Cheng revealed that the new patch will be adding various tools for players to help improve the co-op experience, including matchmaking tags, multiplayer bonuses, changes to monster health bonuses in co-op and more. Also of interest is a new "Players Near You" window, which will display all players who are logged into Diablo III from your local network, an interesting mechanic considering Diablo 3 doesn't actually offer proper LAN support but instead a constant-online connection.

Changes to the notification of combat alerts will also be making an addition in the new patch, which will alert nearby players when someone is attacking an Elite pack or Treasure Goblin for the first time. An icon will also be placed on the mini-map to ensure players know exactly where the monsters are located.

For those still eagerly playing Diablo 3 and those who may have been waiting for changes like this to interest them again, swing by the official blog page for the full run-down of what is to come in patch 1.0.8.

blizzarddiablo 3patch 1.0.8multiplayer
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:10pm 04/4/13
Would love to be able to teleport to another player from anywhere instead of having to go back to town.
Posted 01:36pm 04/4/13
Haven't touched Diablo3 in a while and can't see myself ever going back. Auction House killed it for me, changed it from co-op to being single player with other people. Everyone would just about go "OHH look at this item! Going to auction house, brb". Only time someone would share an item would be if it was a hand me down.

Posted 01:47pm 04/4/13
Auction House is still killing it. It's not as easy to just buy better gear as you progress through the lower levels any more.
Posted 02:56pm 04/4/13
Auction house killed it for me too.
Posted 03:14pm 04/4/13
I like what they have done with account bound items. Makes is easy and cheap to upgrade most of your current gear thus distancing the need for the auction house a bit.
Posted 03:38pm 04/4/13
I'm liking all these changes so far.

I suspect they are carefully considering how to fix the AH issues, in fact Jay Wilson said they were, but I won't be back till something is done.
Posted 12:15am 05/4/13
Trouble is the drop-rate is s*** for decent gear, so you pretty much HAVE to use the AH to not get 1 shot in later difficulties.

The gold drop stays the same, so in the end, it becomes a game of "let's play the auctionhouse!" but with s***tier set-up than WoW's AH (with auctioneer) just to get through the last difficulty.

No thanks, I'll take just about every other A-RPG ever. Hell, I'd even rather re-play Titan Quest. Been a few years, it'll probably still be more fun than D3...
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