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Post by Eorl @ 11:03am 03/04/13 | 14 Comments
Developer Rockstar has officially unveiled the official cover art for upcoming open-world title Grand Theft Auto V, after previously painting it bit-by-bit on the walls of Manhattan. Those familiar with the series will immediately recognise the usual design that previous Grand Theft Auto titles have used

The cover art features the three main protagonists in the fifth main title - Franklin, Michael and Trevor. For those interested in sprucing up their desktop or mobile phone you can now grab the cover art as a wallpaper over at the official site here.

Grand Theft Auto V is due on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17th 2013.

grand theft auto vrockstarcover artwallpaper
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:08am 03/4/13
So original.
Posted 11:25am 03/4/13
Im no graphics design / marketing guru etc but IMO there is something to be said for sticking with what works. COD, BF both do it and IMO the GTA box art also stands out as being unique and easily recognisable. Also like the iphone (i assume) rip off the chick is holding.
Posted 01:08pm 03/4/13
hopefully they do a 2 stage release of this game. First one being September for s***** consoles and one around December for PC and PS4 with full blown awesome gameplay and graphics.... i guess im only dreaming
Posted 01:32pm 03/4/13
hopefully they don't release it on pc like red dead redemption
Posted 01:40pm 03/4/13
Hopefully it's got a protagonist that isn't s***house. And if it comes to pc, it isn't some barely optimised piece of s*** port.
Posted 01:42pm 03/4/13
it has 3 protagonists.
Posted 01:45pm 03/4/13
And if it comes to pc, it isn't some barely optimised piece of s*** port.

Remember GTA4? Dunno if it applied to everybody but i needed to do a custom exe launch parameter to f*** with the game's default settings to properly run it at full widescreen 1920x1080. Quite possibly the worst big name console port IMO.
Posted 04:27pm 03/4/13
giving a s*** about box art is another thing I will never understand, along with wanting to pre-order games.
Posted 07:30pm 03/4/13
It would not be GTA with out that style of box art. Speaking of art, I edited one of the official wallpapers. Looks a bit better now IMO.
Posted 07:55pm 03/4/13
Box art is cool. Kind of like movie posters and stuff.
Posted 09:06pm 03/4/13
bet they delay again in a few months so as to drop it as a launch title. called it.
Posted 09:20pm 03/4/13
Amazing how that we said all of these things two years ago
Posted 10:20pm 03/4/13
will play a sneaky copy... but it on steam later for $30 during a sale...

though will gift to friends and or their kids for XMas/birthdays/etc.

luuurve Steam... keeps me out of shopping centers :P
Posted 10:39pm 03/4/13
haha, I forgot about that thread.
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