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Developer Runic Games has today revealed that the action RPG Torchlight 2 is now fully integrated into the Steam Workshop, offering players the chance to try out various new mods made by the community. Runic has also re-assured users that the in-house GUTS editor for Torchlight 2 will also be fully compatible with the new Steam Workshop, allowing mod developers the ability to "publish directly to Steam Workshop when you compile your mod, making it available immediately for others to play."
A new launcher synchronizes any mods you have subscribed to, and lets you customize their activation state and loading priority. In addition, when playing Internet games in the lobby, you will be able to filter modded games by mod combination, and with a single button click, subscribe to those mods. Torchlight II will then restart, synchronize them, and activate them before returning you to the game.

The Steam Workshop is also fully integrated with GUTS, the in-house editor for Torchlight II. You can publish directly to Steam Workshop when you compile your mod, making it available immediately for others to play. Mods that have already been made with GUTS can also be quickly imported into the Steam Workshop.

The Workshop launch has also introduced new content to the base game, for free, which includes:>
  • The NetherRealm tileset - new NetherRealm dungeons can be found via portals throughout the world
  • New Monsters
  • New armor sets
  • New weapons
  • New pets - including the Headcrab!
  • New endgame map content
  • Some additional new dungeons in New Game plus modes in large overworld areas
  • For those who are still on the fence will be happy to know a 50% off sale is currently under way to celebrate the launch of the Steam Workshop integration, which you can check out here.

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