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Post by Eorl @ 11:42am 28/03/13 | 0 Comments
Polygon is reporting that Nintendo has revealed their social service on the Wii U, the Miiverse, will be making its way to smartphones sometime in either April or May, with a 3DS version following sometime later.

During a talk at the Game Developers Conference currently underway in San Francisco, producer of Miiverse Kiyoshi Mizuki stated that "the Miiverse mobile and web browser app should be available by May and will, at first, provide basic Miiverse functionality, like posting comments, drawing doodles, and viewing and engaging with communities."

Mizuki also revealed that a 3DS version is currently being developed, but no release date has yet been revealed. Unlike the current Wii U version of Miiverse, where all the titles are compatible with the social network, Mizuki said that "there will be existing games and apps on the 3DS that won't be Miiverse compatible."

In related Nintendo news, the company has also revealed a video comparing the difference in load times on the Wii U console before and after the upcoming April update. Previously mentioned earlier this year in a Nintendo Direct, the Wii U console has been suffering some quite severe load times but would be rectified in an update sometime during April. No date has yet been set, but you can check out the video below which severely decreases the load times and should be a welcoming sign to those like myself who own the console.

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