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Post by Eorl @ 10:59am 28/03/13 | 2 Comments
According to recent rumours via Internet sleuth Superannuation, the previously announced XCOM first-person shooter may have undergone a name change, dropping the XCOM brand completely. Under development by 2K Marin for awhile now, the title hasn't really seen that much activity since its initial announcement nearly two years ago with only a confirmed delay early last year stating it had been pushed back to 2013.
Last week, Take-Two registered the domains thebureau-game.com, thebureau-game.net, whathappenedin62.com, and whathappenedin62.net. These domains seem to hint at a rebranding of 2K's beleaguered XCOM shooter, which places players in the shoes of an FBI agent in 1962. Given the success of Firaxis' XCOM: Enemy Unknown, I wouldn't be surprised if 2K thought having two very different games in different genres could dilute the franchise's brand.

The XCOM shooter has been in off-on development since 2005 and gone through a number of iterations at several studios, including 2K Australia, Irrational Games and current developer 2K Marin. Recent information suggests that 2K dropped the first-person perspective in favor of SOCOM-esque third-person tactical shooter possibly for downloadable distribution platforms.
If the title has indeed been re-branded, we will probably (and hopefully) see more on the new changes sometime during this year either at E3 or later down the track. With the game being in development since 2007, hopefully the long ride hasn't caused the project to be completely wiped.

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Posted 11:41am 28/3/13
Good. It looked pretty horrible anyway, maybe they decided to not muddle the brand given they just announced ports of XCOM to iOS and Mac :).
Posted 12:44pm 28/3/13
Nice one. Hopefully this will let the game be judged on it's merits instead of comparing to the impossible yardstick of the xcom series.
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