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Post by Eorl @ 01:44pm 27/03/13 | 3 Comments
Carbine Studios has revealed a new developer video for their upcoming MMO WildStar, giving players a good look at what to expect from the housing side of things in a game offering to change up the standard MMO formula. While the aspect of player housing has long been a fantasy in many MMO's, fair few have actually delivered a proper experience that really makes it feel like a core function and not just a tacked on extra.

This however, looks to be changing with WildStar. Players will find various Proto-Star Housing Specialists around the world where they can purchase a block of floating land in the sky, and from there customise to their hearts content. Want a floating chair in an upside-down table? Go for it. "Once its built, you can customise the hell out of it," the dev video states, claiming that "inside, outside, doors, roofs, windows, wallpaper and furniture is all customisable."

Alongside the interior and exterior decorating is also the chance for players to experience in-game convenience through several additional buildings, called "plugs". These "plugs" can offer various bonus like a farm that can grow cooking ingredients or a workbench for crafting items in peace. You can also open up your plot of land to friends or the public, allowing various social bonuses including the ability for friends to maintain your plugs, offering them a small portion of the rewards as payment.

Take a look below at the first DevSpeak video and see what you think — there’s an impressive level of customisation on offer. For those interested, you can swing by the official website to sign-up for the upcoming beta.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:01pm 27/3/13
To the dev's of Wildstar...

Nerf Lord
Posted 05:06pm 27/3/13
First time I'd heard of this, they know how to put together an interesting presentation, and the freedom of movement looks pretty swell. Not sure about the goofy merchant characters without any sort of apparent narrative, but otherwise, looks interesting.
Posted 10:36pm 27/3/13
Can't wait to see more on this game! it looks like they've directly ripped some of the animations from WoW though lol
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