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Post by Dan @ 10:22am 27/03/13 | 23 Comments
We're not sure on the original source of the leak, or if it even was one, but a trio of images that appear to be the first stills from Battlefield 4 have found their way online ahead of EA's official reveal event, which is taking place soon at GDC 2013 in San Francisco (thanks NeoGAF).

The legitimacy of the images seems to be confirmed by the fact that they can be found hosted on the official battlefield blog's webserver, although a post by the blog has yet to be published. Hit the thumbs below for a closer look, and marvel at a next-generation flock of birds.

Much more details, and some manner of gameplay footage are expected following the official unveiling. So stay tuned.

battlefield 4eaelectronic artsdicescreenshots
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:29am 27/3/13
Guess it's still using Frostbite 2 engine since the scope on the 3rd picture still uses a baked reflection instead of showing what's actually in front of the scope.
Posted 10:34am 27/3/13
is that joey from friends in the second screenshot?
Posted 11:23am 27/3/13
^ was about to ask the same thing ... lol

also third screenshot appears to be painted/skybox beyond the dirt in front of them?
Posted 12:01pm 27/3/13
Real screenshot
Posted 12:03pm 27/3/13
Posted 12:05pm 27/3/13

looking like it - need to see some gameplay videos.. and hopefully not ones raped with video editing and swooshing transitions.

everyone looks kinda plastic in those screenshots =\
Posted 12:10pm 27/3/13
Bad Company 3?
Posted 12:18pm 27/3/13

I can't remember the last time I saw actual gameplay footage/screenshots from EA that hadn't been touched up to a ridiculous degree. Of course, these are even further removed.
Posted 12:35pm 27/3/13
So I guess the "big reveal" is tomorrow our time?
Posted 12:46pm 27/3/13
Sigh, I guess this means the reveal will just be single player stuff. Which I'm sure will look cool but like BF3, it'll ultimately be pointless.

Basically looks no different to BF3, which I don't really think is that bad and it's unrealistic to expect a big leap. I also actually think the first BF3 screen shots looked better.

I just hope this is a fuller featured version of BF3, where they really expand and do more with the maps and game play. Just build more into the game, and properly use destruction. I've been playing some BC2 again recently. Some of those maps, the destruction is awesome and it's actually part of game play and alters it. I so miss that.

So yeah basically, like everyone else, I want this to be what I wanted BF3 to be. Which is essentially what modders could have turned BF3 into if there were mod tools.
Posted 12:54pm 27/3/13
So I guess the "big reveal" is tomorrow our time?

nope, in 4 hours
Posted 01:21pm 27/3/13
It'll be interesting to see the 17 minutes of game play. I just hope it's not all SP. It shows MP. It actually shows off some of the features. Not just watching a movie of someone playing a scripted game.

Anyway here's the first vid in low quality.

SP stuff.
Posted 01:43pm 27/3/13
Apparently there will be 17 minutes of gameplay revealed later today as well so hopefully not just the singleplayer.
Posted 01:44pm 27/3/13
Guess it's still using Frostbite 2 engine

nope, it's using frostbite 3
Posted 03:30pm 27/3/13
Apparently that 17 minutes is just SP.

So it'll be basically like watching an animated movie. Which is essentially all the SP will be.

No one will buy this for the SP, so why do this. Unless... they haven't made the MP yet!
Posted 03:32pm 27/3/13
The screenshots look cartoonie? Perhaps the Battlefield franchise is following the CoD model a release every year.

Graphics don't look that good because the leap from BF2 -> BF3 was huge, the leap from BF3 to BF4 isn't as huge.
Posted 03:50pm 27/3/13
Posted 03:50pm 27/3/13
Perhaps the Battlefield franchise is following the CoD model a release every year.

Battlefield series has had (more or less) a biennial release since 1942.
Posted 04:04pm 27/3/13

No one will buy this for the SP, so why do this. Unless... they haven't made the MP yet!
Why do gamers always jump to such hugely ridiculous conclusions? Literally millions of people will buy this for single player and barely touch multi, as is the case with BF3. BF3 was a pretty huge success, and whether longtime multiplayer PC gamers like it or not, a part of that was SP... of course they are going to advertise the s*** out of the single player campaign again, it worked last time.
Posted 04:09pm 27/3/13
I liked BF3's SP portion better than BC2's to be honest
Posted 04:21pm 27/3/13
I liked BF3's SP portion better than BC2's to be honest

BF3 SP was just one giant cut scene :(
Posted 04:27pm 27/3/13
Posted 09:26pm 27/3/13
Lol @ pythons screenshot. Hated the massive sunlight glare of BF3. Dont care if its realistic or not, just let me see what im f*****g looking at. Didnt mind the suppression element though - at least that served a purpose.
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