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Post by Dan @ 10:44am 25/03/13 | 2 Comments
Fresh out of PAX East, Gearbox Software has demystified its recent teasers, announcing the next DLC character class for Borderlands 2 with Krieg the Psycho, a bandit 'experiment' that escaped to become a new vault hunter (from Polygon):
Krieg is an apparently reformed version of the Psycho enemy from the series who wields an axe and explosives to dispatch foes. Like the game's other archetypes, he has three skill trees: Bloodlust allows you to enhance your survivability by killing damage with your Buzz Axe (which can be used for melee or thrown), the Mania tree increases your damage as you take damage, and the Hellborn tree increases your fire damage, and also makes you a lethal warrior while you're on fire. With those last two trees, friendly fire is actually very beneficial for Krieg.

Krieg's actions come at high risk and offer high rewards, with his main action tasking him with rushing foes to kill enemies, which heals him — a necessary task, since, unlike Borderlands' melee character Brick, his health does not regenerate on its own.
Krieg will reportedly launch as a standalone DLC in May.

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Posted 05:23pm 25/3/13
Cool, Something different. Would be great of I could change my class on my current character instead of leveling a new character. Wonder if there are save editiors for BL2.
Posted 06:11pm 25/3/13
Wonder if there are save editiors for BL2.
Here's one:
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