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Post by Eorl @ 03:41pm 22/03/13 | 4 Comments
When Blizzard announced that development for StarCraft 2 would be cut into three separate titles, fans of the series had mixed feelings. Few felt that the prolonged development cycle would cause disruption in the flow of the singleplayer story, while others were happy for Blizzard to take their time on each of the three races. With the release of the first part, Wings of Liberty, gamers soon realised that in separating each story Blizzard was able to deliver a far more polished experience.

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm marks the second chapter in the StarCraft 2 saga, and with it brings focus on Queen of the Blades and her disastrous Swarm faction. With mouse in one hand and keyboard in the other, Kosta Andreadis takes on Kerrigan herself to see what Blizzard has to offer.
Heart of the Swarm is another exceptional expansion from Blizzard, one that no doubt fans would need no persuading at all to buy. But its accessibility over previous entries may be its biggest strength for those who’ve always been curious about StarCraft multiplayer but may have felt too intimidated to give it a try...
Check out his full review over here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:17pm 22/3/13
Ive played 100 hours of HOTS since it came out. Finished the campaign on brutal, it was really enjoyable.

Multiplayer is tuned quite a bit, but, the changes they have made to some of the units make them OP, such as the medivacs boosters (with no energy cost, just a timer) and the Terran mines having no negatives at all. Protoss getting armor attack boosters on their void rays (once again with no cost just a timer), mothership core being available 3 minutes in and sent off to attack the enemys drones... not cool...

All of these things have changed the came greatly and affect the multiplayer, as a Platinum/Diamond high end player it's now quite annoying to be cheesed constantly by mine drops to your mineral line by medivacs boosting out of nowhere. Not to mention the zerg getting spore crawlers @spawning pool. Meaning any sort of air rush is pointless. The only thing i can understand and agree on is the siege tanks coming prepped with siege mode.

All in all, I'm loving it, and it deserves the 9. But multiplayer still needs to be tuned.
Posted 07:30pm 22/3/13
Nothing has changed for me. I am about a platinum terran player (play as random though). S*** still annoys me but I have fun mostly! Just a few different types of things annoy me now :)

Haven't touched WOL or HOTS campaigns so can't comment.
Posted 08:01pm 23/3/13
I just finished the campaign today, absolutely loved every minute of it, playing as part of the Zerg with a story really makes you feel for the Zerg and not just some mindless swarm A+ to Blizzard for great story telling. I do agree Normal was way to easy especially with the traits you can get Kerrigan (Auto Gas & Dual Drones) you can get a base up fast and just pump out units to your hearts content.

I have not starting Multiplayer yet I have to focus on my University studies :( by the time I get into it again I'll be way behind the 8 ball.
Posted 11:16am 24/3/13
Even brutal is pretty easy - evolve the power that spawns roachlings whenever something dies after being hit by a roach, evolve splitter banelings and give Kerrigan the power to spawn banelings. You end up with a massive wall of free / respawning units.
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